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SYFY WIRE cosplay

Pokémon and Spider-Verse cosplay highlight Day 1 at C2E2 2019

By Jacob Oller
C2E2 Day One 10

Today was the kick-off for Chicago's finest gathering of all things geeky: C2E2. Also known as the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, the con is going strong in 2019 - as are its cosplay attendees.

During the fest's kickoff, SYFY WIRE spotted fans dressed as characters from all corners of the genre universe. 

Video games were well represented with Halo and Detective Pikachu complimenting the various Mario Bros. sticking up for the nostalgic. Various superheroines ran around with plenty of well-costumed anime heroes and it was all as exciting (and packed) as an Avengers film.

Check it out.

As well as spotting tons of incredible clothes, costumes, props, and makeup designs, SYFY WIRE has been covering panel after panel for those fans that simply can't attend everything. Check back at SYFY for more cosplay coverage and all the news needed about all the good stuff C2E2 has to offer.

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