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The Zords are faster and more fury-ious in the trailer for Power Rangers: Dino Fury

By Nivea Serrao
Dino Fury Title Card

Go go more Power Rangers!

Power Rangers Beast Morphers may be airing its current season on Nickelodeon right now, but that doesn't mean fans couldn't still get a glimpse of what's coming up in the Power Rangers universe at the show's Hasbro PulseCon panel.

This came in the form of a trailer for the newest series featuring transforming teens: Power Rangers Dino Thunder. And as you can see in the trailer below, a lot of what's coming up will be dino-sized — from the morphers, to the zords, to the adventures! 

This new show follows in the tradition of previous Power Rangers shows before it, in that it features an alien force that brings the power of morphing to Earth. Of course, there are evil forces also vying for this gift, which means a group of young heroes are going to have to rise up to defend against them, while also using the powers of the "morphing grid" to channel the prehistoric power of dinosaurs from millions of years ago as they take on these evil aliens. These new abilities will help them unlock new morphers, new "dino-powered" weapons, and powerful new zords and megazords.

But that wasn't all the panel unveiled as it came to a close. The first three members of this new team were also introduced: Russell Curry as the Red Ranger, Kai Moya as the Blue Ranger, and Hunter Deno as the Pink Ranger.

This leaves two more Rangers unaccounted for, in the form of the Green Ranger and the Black Ranger.

In the meantime, longtime Power Rangers fans still have a lot to look forward to when it comes to Beast Morphers, as the series will soon be welcoming back a very familiar face later this season when Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers star Austin St. John reprises his role as Jason Lee Scott, the first-ever Red Ranger, for an upcoming episode that sees him team up with the Beast Morpher squad.

Of course, this isn't the first time Power Rangers has pulled off a team crossover like this — having done so in a 10th-anniversary episode of Power Rangers Wild Force titled "Forever Red" that saw Jason, as well as every other Red Ranger, join together to defend the planet against an evil alien takeover — but it certainly is the first time in recent history that a veteran Ranger has returned to help support newer team members.

"Austen especially was so amazing. He pulled us all aside and said, 'Enjoy this time in your lives. This is such a special moment. Soak up every bit of it,'" said Liana Ramirez, who plays the evil Roxy on Beast Morphers, of working with St. John on the episode. "He put into perspective what we were getting ourselves into in the future, just being a part of this legacy forever. It got us all excited and made the time filming with him even more special."

The latest season of Power Rangers Beast Morphers is currently airing on Nickelodeon at 8 am ET. 


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