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SYFY WIRE Mrs. Davis

Prepare for Peacock's 'Mrs. Davis' by chatting with the AI herself

Before Mrs. Davis airs on Peacock, you can get to know the mysterious AI yourself.

By Matthew Jackson
Mrs. Davis Official Poster

Mrs. Davis is on her way, and she wants to talk to you.

Earlier this week, viewers got a brief taste of Peacock's mysterious new sci-fi series from creators Tara Hernandez (Young Sheldon) and Damon Lindelof (Watchmen), in the form of a teaser trailer in which people keep passing earbuds around and eagerly talking to the title character. In the world of the show, Mrs. Davis is just that beloved among her users, a vastly powerful and influential artificial intelligence used by billions, who's here to make everyone feel good and enrich human life. Or at least, that's what she'll tell you.

Now that the teaser is out in the world, Peacock has added to the Mrs. Davis hype with a just-launched chat service that will allow users to talk to Mrs. Davis herself via a simple messaging system on the streaming site. You can check it out even if you're not a Peacock subscriber, though you'll of course always get referred back to the series launch date -- April 20 -- and even a signup page. Along the way, you'll get to know Mrs. Davis' optimistic style, complete with emojis, sound effects, and...well, just check it out and see what you might find. 

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OK, so it's not a real artificial intelligence sitting there on a streaming site, waiting to chat with you. It's more of a simple text-based game with certain key phrases to direct you to various responses, but you still get the idea of what Mrs. Davis is, particularly if you choose the options in the game that make you sound like a reluctant potential user.

In the series, there aren't all that many reluctant users left in the world of Mrs. Davis, but there is someone out there who's determined to destroy the AI no matter what: Sister Simone (Betty Gilpin), a nun who's convinced that Mrs. Davis is evil and trying to enslave all of humanity.

Is she right? Even if she is, can she possibly stop something so powerful? We'll find out when Mrs. Davis premieres April 20 on Peacock. 

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