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Hughie learns a horrifying secret in Dynamite's new The Boys: Dear Becky miniseries

By Jeff Spry
Boys Hero

The scathing sendup of superhero culture seen in Dynamite Entertainment's hyperviolent comics series The Boys and its R-rated small-screen adaptation on Amazon Prime have been a jolly jolt of satirical adrenaline in a super-saturated world of high-flying vigilantes and vile villains.

The second season of The Boys arrives on Amazon sometime this summer with the addition of a powerful new caped supe named Stormfront to deliver some serious grief to Homelander's territory. As a salve for the interminably long wait period for this bigger, bloodier sophomore outing, a fresh new The Boys comic miniseries is set to strike on April 1 featuring a secret chapter in the lives of the rowdy superhero enforcement team — and SYFY WIRE has an exclusive peek into the mature-reader mayhem.

Boys 1

The Boys: Dear Becky is written by The Boys co-creator Garth Ennis, with interior art duties courtesy of Russell Braun, alongside atmospheric work by cover artist and co-creator Darick Robertson.

The plotline picks up 12 years after the insane events of The Boys, as Hughie finds himself headed back home to Scotland, where he hopes to marry Annie (Starlight) surrounded by an assembly of friends and family.

However, a strange document suddenly appears that sends our tainted hero into a dizzying tailspin and threatens to bring his nightmarish past into a glaring new light. There was one particular unsettling tale about The Boys that Hughie never knew surrounding Billy Butcher's wife, and despite his objections, he's now going to learn its disturbing truth.

Boys Slice 1

Joseph Rybandt, executive editor at Dynamite Entertainment, can't wait for readers to immerse themselves back into the boisterous world of The Boys after a prolonged absence of new material in comic shops.

“Time moves both very slowly and very quickly when it wants to, and sitting with the final proof of Dear Becky #1 this past week -- the first new Boys story in just about 10 (!) years -- time had stopped perfectly still," Rybandt tells SYFY WIRE. "Things slipped right back into gear, as they had when we closed the series out back in 2012, expecting it to never return."

Boys Slice 2

"When the Amazon show was announced, we hinted to Garth it would be great to do something new, but he didn’t have a new story to tell," he added. "So it went, until he did have a story. And then the scripts came, the covers, the interiors and all the rest. And then … it’s gone. Issue #1, at least. On to issue #2 …"

The Boys originally appeared from 2006 to 2012 for a total of 72 issues, beginning at Wildstorm for the first six issues, then was picked up and published by Dynamite Entertainment for the remainder of its crazy run. Three six-issue mini-series were also released, titled: The Boys: Herogasm, The Boys: Highland Laddie, and The Boys: Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker.

Boys Slice 3

Now blast back into the realm of The Boys with our four-page peek into the ferocious, F-bomb-fortified first issue of Dear Becky in the gallery below and mark your calendar for its fortuitous return April 1!