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Barbarella returns to save the universe, battle space aliens in first look at Dynamite's new comic series

By Jeff Spry

In the era of decadent sci-fi fantasy films of the '60s, nothing ventured into such silly excess like 1968's Barbarella starring Jane Fonda as the lovely 41st century space agent

Produced by the legendary Dino De Laurentiis (King Kong, Flash Gordon, Dune) and directed with psychedelic insanity by Fonda's husband Roger Vadim, the sexually-charged movie was adapted from Jean-Claude Forest's original French comic book title published from 1962-1964. 

Now Dynamite Entertainment is resurrecting the siren of space with a rebooted summer event simply titled Barbarella. Written by bestselling author Sarah Hoyt, this colorful sci-fi series spotlights artwork courtesy of Madibek Musabekov (Vampirella vs Purgatori), colorist Ivan Nunes, and letterer Carlos Mangual — and SYFY WIRE is launching an exclusive peek at the premiere issue.


While hopping from planet to planet, Barbarella's plotline begins in Camelot, a world that's home to the ultra-rich class seeking escape from a crowded and disintegrating galactic empire. Barbarella intercepts a frantic message transmitted by the poor underclass and she zooms off to investigate the dire SOS and unveils a wealth of hidden secrets on Camelot.

During her space-faring adventure she makes a stop at the underwater world of Encantado and the crazy carnival-like atmosphere of Rio aboard her retro-cool A.I.-equipped spaceship.


Writer Sarah Hoyt is the Prometheus Award and Dragon Award-winning novelist well known for her Darkship Series of sci-fi books and co-writing the Arcane America novel with Kevin J. Anderson titled Uncharted. This is her first writting assignment in the comics world.

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"I had fun learning a new way of telling stories," she tells SYFY WIRE regarding this new venture into comic books. "Also, writing Barbarella is a license to go retro-pulp and that too was a lot of fun, and set my imagination free. Those who know me will probably find this the funniest thing I’ve ever said, but it’s true nonetheless: working with the character I came to admire her as a woman living life on her own terms. Which was also very liberating to write. (Even though I’ve never actually felt oppressed and pity the fool who tries to oppress me.) So, over all, I found this work very freeing and joyous."

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Dynamite's Barbarella #1 arrives on July 21 and includes provocative variant covers by Brian Bolland (Batman: The Killing Joke), Lucio Parrillo, Derrick Chew, Dani, and cosplayer Rachel Hollon. Now enjoy our special five-page first-look preview in the full gallery below.