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SYFY WIRE Pride Month


By Cher Martinetti

June 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of the first Pride celebrations in America. Unfortunately due to COVID-19, that celebration — like most right now — is looking a little different than originally planned.

But not for us.

As FANGRRLS, we pride ourselves (pun intended) on amplifying and celebrating LGBTQ+ creators, characters, stories, and fans. For us, using whatever platform we have to uplift their voices is an honor, and it’s something we strive to do 365 days a year. We understand and support the importance and value in this community, like other marginalized communities, to have a dedicated month centered on the countless contributions they’ve made not only in our nerdy corner of the world, but everywhere. And it’s imperative that everyone learns the stories about the trailblazing creators who fought to be out and proud, to tell stories that reflect their lived experiences featuring characters that looked or loved like them, and help change the unjust and imbalanced worlds we inhabit, both real and imagined. Happy Pride to all of our LGBTQ+ creators, readers, listeners, fellow geeks, and friends. Every universe is brighter with you in it.

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