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The 6 Best Sci-fi and Horror Movies to Watch on Peacock for Pride Month 2024

Celebrate Pride in June with these must-watch horror titles streaming on Peacock all month.

By Tara Bennett

It's June, and that means Pride Month is blowing up all over the place, including Peacock. There's no shortage of incredible LGBTQI+ themed horror that's been produced, and there's a pretty great library of selections to dig into from the streamer's library this month.

From classic slashers to chillers that feature queer couples existing as heroes, SYFY WIRE has collected some of our favorite horror films to watch or revisit this Pride Month. 

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Best Movies to Watch on Peacock for Pride Month

Anna and the Apocalypse

What if Shaun of the Dead was a musical? That's sort of the premise of Anna and the Apocalypse, which forges its own path as a British zombie/comedy/slasher/musical that slipped under some radars when it was released in 2017. It's since become a queer favorite because the film unabashedly delights in its big performances and big songs, which are quite good. There's a lot of charm, plenty of blood, and a bittersweet sheen to it all that has made it a queer cult favorite ever since.

Stream Anna and the Apocalypse now on Peacock!

Knock at the Cabin

The whole goal of inclusion and acceptance is to feature queer couples and not call attention to it. Writer/director M. Night Shyamalan walked us one step closer to that with his adaptation of Knock at the Cabin. The protagonists are married couple Eric (Jonathan Groff) and Andrew (Ben Aldridge) who are on vacation in the woods with their daughter Wen (Kristen Cui). When strangers arrive, they aren't targeted for their LGBTQI status, and they aren't tortured for it. They're just parents being confronted with some awful options, and their love for their family is what is tested. Whether you love the film or not, Cabin is a step in the right direction when it comes to everyday representation. 

Stream Knock at the Cabin now on Peacock!


From the moment M3GAN sashayed her way to murdering tech bro David (Ronny Chieng), the Model 3 Generative Android solidified her gay icon status. As the fierce and loyal protector of young, grieving Cady (Violet McGraw), we actually root for the AI machine. Even when she leans into her code a little too effectively, there's nothing better than watching a perfectly coiffed and dressed murderess take out some humans who kinda asked for it. Yes, it goes too far, but we'll just call that an abundance of enthusiasm unchecked. We're quivering with excitement to see how the queen returns in the sequel due next year. 

Stream M3GAN now on Peacock!

Jennifer’s Body

A feminist horror cult gem written by Diablo Cody and directed by Karyn Kusama, Jennifer's Body (also the name of a Chucky episode!) is an allegory for puberty and the intensity of female relationships. It also is the scary female succubus movie that makes the female demon the hunter and weak men the prey. In a controversial scene, Cody and Kusama explore the blurred lines of obsession between Jennifer (Megan Fox) and Needy (Amanda Seyfried) with a passionate kiss that melts the screen. In the years since, Jennifer's Body went from box office failure to reassessed modern classic, and Jennifer has become a gay icon for her unrepentant needs and Cody-written zingers. 

Stream Jennifer's Body now on Peacock!

Sleepaway Camp

The classic 1983 slasher, Sleepaway Camp, has gone through quite the journey with LGBTQI audiences. Back in the day, the community and critics weren't impressed with the twist of a transgender villain which seemingly demonized the person struggling with their gender roles. But over the decades, horror fans and the LGBTQI community have come to appreciate the film's portrayal of the consequences of a person being forced into being something they aren't. The violent outcome is certainly outsized, but it's an effective metaphor. The film is also noted for being ahead of its time with queer themes. 

Stream Sleepaway Camp now on Peacock!


Writer/director John Logan's They/Them is an homage to all things slasher, and also a film where the monsters are the owners of a gay conversion camp known as Whistler Camp. The campers are all under duress to participate in the program, but together, they find some acceptance, which resolves them to fight back against camp owner Owen Whistler (Kevin Bacon) and his creepy staff of oppressors. Did we mention there's a lot of kills in this one, too?

Stream They/Them now on Peacock!

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