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Skybound announces series of Pride Month variant covers to benefit Transgender Law Center

By Matthew Jackson
Fire Power 12 pride month charity variant

This month, Image Comics imprint Skybound Entertainment is commemorating Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month with a series of charity variant covers drawn by Asian creators. Today, the imprint founded by The Walking Dead's Robert Kirkman announced it will launch a similar initiative in June for Pride Month, and once again, all proceeds will go to a good cause.

Skybound announced Thursday that it will unveil a series of nine different charity variants in June, all drawn by LGBTQI+ creators, attached to major comics releases like The Walking Dead DeluxeFire PowerOblivion Song, and more. The full complement of covers has not yet been revealed, but you can see the Fire Power #12 cover by Kira Okamoto below.

Fire Power 12 pride month charity variant

All proceeds from the sales of these variants will go to the Transgender Law Center, the "largest national trans-led organization advocating self-determination for all people."

“The trans community has seen an unprecedented attack on their rights in recent years, and Skybound has decided to launch this program to raise money to support this important fight for equality,” Sean Mackiewicz,  SVP and Editor-in-Chief of Skybound  Entertainment, said in a press release. “We support the Transgender Law Center’s mission to ensure all transgender and gender nonconforming people can live safely, authentically, and free from discrimination regardless of their gender identity or expression."

The Pride Month announcement comes weeks after Skybound launched a similar initiative for AAPI Heritage Month, with variant covers on key titles appearing throughout the month of May. Other Pride Month initiatives announced by major comics publishers so far this year include special one-shots, variant cover initiatives, and more at both Marvel and DC Comics

For Diamond pre-order codes and more information on each of the variant covers, head over to Skybound's website.