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Celebrate Pride Month with Chucky and Resident Alien's Alan Tudyk

"So what if I have a soft spot for these kids, I’m not a monster," the killer doll posted of Chucky's teen couple, Jake and Devon.

By Gina Salamone

When Chucky's not on a stabbing spree, he's standing up for LGBTQ+ rights. Sure, the namesake killer doll in SYFY's Chucky series may spend a good chunk of his time terrorizing teen couple Jake and Devon — but that doesn't mean he won't take the time to celebrate their relationship when it comes to Pride Month.

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"So what if I have a soft spot for these kids, I’m not a monster," the official Instagram account for the red-headed doll posted Friday, alongside an illustration of Chucky reading a magazine depicting Jake (Zackary Arthur) and Devon (Björgvin Arnarson) on the cover. The teen characters are shown holding hands and smiling — and so is Chucky.

The account also paid tribute to the characters on June 1, the start of Pride Month, posting "nothing but love here," with accompanying artwork showing Devon and Jake holding hands again. The image also features Chucky's twin non-binary kids, Glen and Glenda, both played by Lachlan Watson on the series.

Chucky creator Dan Mancini, who co-wrote the original Child's Play film and kept the franchise going with subsequent movies, is gay and has always strived for onscreen representation when it comes to LGBTQ+ characters.

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Chucky isn't the only SYFY show celebrating Pride Month, though. Alan Tudyk, who stars as the space creature who took on the identity of Dr. Harry Vanderspeigle in Resident Alien, shared a photo on Instagram of himself standing in front of a scenic backdrop and rainbow.

"Happy Pride Month," Tudyk posted. Writing in the third person, he continued, "Alan is pictured in front of a naturally festive Canadian rainbow wearing an unstructured cotton torso wrap with truncated train and matching belt. His trousers are variable waist, cotton, slim leg, anti-culottes. His boots are always out of style Uggs."

Both Chucky and Resident Alien are set to return for third seasons later this year. In the meantime, you can stream the first season of Chucky, and both seasons of Resident Alien, on Peacock.