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SYFY WIRE Project Blue Book: The Official Podcast

Project Blue Book podcast 2.9: Michael Malarkey and Caspar Phillipson find a 'Broken Arrow'

By Tara Bennett
Project Blue Book Season 2 Broken Arrow

It's almost the end of Project Blue Book's second season, and it was almost the end of the Project Blue Book division for Dr. J. Allen Hynek (Aidan Gillen) and Captain Michael Quinn (Michael Malarkey) in the latest episode, "Broken Arrow."

In the aftermath of "Susie-Gate," the Generals are left trying to determine whether the whole division has been compromised beyond saving. As Quinn is looking at losing his whole career, Hynek buys tickets for the duo to investigate one last case in Canada before their futures are determined for them.

What looks like a mysterious missing plane turns into an almost international incident when the plane is discovered by the duo to be Russian, and carrying a nuke! 

Project Blue Book Broken Arrow Kennedy

**SPOILER WARNING: There are spoilers for Project Blue Book's "Broken Arrow" episode below!**

In our latest Project Blue Book: The Official Podcast,  SYFY WIRE senior producer and host Tara Bennett welcomes back executive producer/creator David O'Leary and actor Michael Malarkey to talk about the HyneQuinn vibe in this pressure-cooker episode. And we are also excited to welcome Danish actor Caspar Phillipson, who plays Senator John F. Kennedy (and who has played the public figure before!).

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Stick with us all season long for our proverbial peek behind the curtain into the making of every single episode of Project Blue Book Season 2.

In the meantime, you can watch new episodes on And for more information on the series and cases explored, check out HISTORY'S Project Blue Book.

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