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Exclusive sneak peek: Meet the main characters of Valiant's space prison-break story Psi-Lords

By Ernie Estrella
Psi-Lords Cover by Rod Reis

One by one, Valiant Comics has deconstructed its older properties and modernized them to fit into their carefully crafted, present-day superhero universe. This June, the prison drama is coming to the Valiant Universe in the recently announced revival series Psi-Lords, which stars four amnesiac humans from various space agencies, waking up in an intergalactic prison-break story written by Fred Van Lente (Archer and Armstrong) and drawn by Renato Guedes (Shadowman).

Psi-Lords is being billed as a Lost-type story in which the protagonists need to break out of a planet-sized prison called the Gyre, but also need to find ancient psychic beings that are called Psi-Lords, who are trapped inside there with them, and are the reason they’ve been brought together. It’s a long-game mystery — with the first arc planned to be a year long — that the creators are hoping readers will debate endlessly about their theories as they see different factions of the prison duke it out politically and physically, all while trying to make sense of the Gyre and its purpose. Hints have already been dropped in the pages of XO-Manowar about its potential threat to the universe. In time, readers may even find out if they'll get back home.

It is a far departure from the original Psi-Lords comic from the '90s that was closely tied to H.A.R.D. Corps, but as it's described above, there is plenty to interest the genre fan.

SYFY WIRE has the exclusive character designs of the four main characters, so let's meet them as introduced by writer Fred Van Lente.

"Artisan is one of these guys who's never had to do a hard day's work in his life because he charms his way out of every responsibility. Ironically, his power is he can create hard-energy constructs out of thin air, shape matter, and basically make whatever he can conceive. His cocky attitude disgusts an emotionally needy person who's desperate for people to like him."

Psi-Lords Character Design - Artisan

"Beacon is the outsider of the group — aloof, intellectual, introspective — not because others exclude her, but because she excludes herself. As her name implies, Beacon has a variety of light powers and can see on multiple levels of the electromagnetic spectrum."

Psi-Lords Character Design - Beacon

"Tank is pure will — he just barrels through whatever stands in his way. He's also the nurturing, emotional core of the group, the rock everyone else stands on when the you-know-what hits the fan. Think 'cheerful Juggernaut.'"

Psi-Lords Character Design - Tank

"Hazard's power set is very keyed to lifeforce — which can be both protective and ruthless in its drive for survival. No one is more shocked by her lethal skills than she is; she swings in mood extremes between a shy wallflower and a ruthless murderer."

Psi-Lords Character Design - Hazard