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Read This Fanfiction: Stories from American Gods, Critical Role, and Arrow

By Kristina Manente

Welcome to Read This Fanfiction, a weekly digest of the hottest and latest fanfics about all your favorite movies, television shows, anime, and more. Whether they're popular, heartbreaking, innovative, or just plain entertaining, here's what you should be reading!

American Gods

The second season of the hit show based on the book by Neil Gaiman arrives on Sunday night. Chances are you're going to voraciously consume it ... at least once a certain someone catches up on Season 1 so you can watch the next season together (we'll leave it at that). Regardless of whether you've found out what happens to Shadow, Mr. Wednesday, and all, here's a nice tasting menu of some great fic from the American Gods universe to keep the godly love going.


"If you can't eat it, drink it, smoke it, or snort it" by Largishcat

(Then f**k it.) Mad Sweeney shows up to have a little chat with Shadow about throwing away gifts so carelessly.

"All That Glitters" by MB234

You were all too used to dive bars and the kinds of folks that hung out in them; namely the rot-gut swilling, fight starting types who got handsy after a few too many shots and were quick to stiff you on your tip in favor of just one more drink.

That’s why you thought you could handle it when a surly hurricane of rage and resentment in the form of one towering, thickly muscled flame-haired male sauntered briskly into the dimly lit doors of Jack’s Crocodile Bar, your relatively new place of employment. The scathing look that your boss, the steely-eyed, strong-backed bar owner Jack flashed your way had you hastily second guessing your lofty notions of pub mastery.

The words she drawled to you in that low sweet mid-west accent, and her crimson painted fingernails that curled around your t-shirt clad shoulder in a gesture of commiseration, didn’t do anything to help.

“That right there is trouble, plain as the day is long,” Jack said, following your line of sight to the immense glowering ginger currently slouching in the sticky vinyl of a dingy booth that sat a few strides from the dentine bar, “And he just sat down in your section.”

The Other Time Mad Sweeney Lost His Lucky Coin

"Bonded" by Little_Corners

Shadow and Sweeney end up soul bonded for reasons that the author chooses to blithely gloss over. Wednesday thinks it's hilarious. They do not.


Switching it up this week! What with a new slew of comic-based films coming out, let's get down to the originals and see what people have cooked up!

"Literally Billy Batson" by DreamersMyth27

The buzz for Shazam! is high. The DC superhero is lovable and goofy, which plays very well in this hilarious but poignant fic about little Billy Batson being adopted by Batman.

"I Can Fly but You Make Me Soar" by Goldstein

Recently, illustrator Alicia Robinson declared she wanted an Ironheart movie with Riri Williams, and then this adorable fic popped up in my recommendations. It was fate. The story of Riri's crush on Viv Vision. Now make this movie happen.

Video Games

Missing media item.

"The Wise Man's Tree" by CurrieBelle

Critical Role is technically not a video game, but a game that happens to be streamed on video ... but it totally counts. Besides, no one is going to be debating the popularity and success of Critical Role, especially with their massive Kickstarter success this week. Further submerse yourself into the world of Vox Machina with the stunning fic "The Wise Man’s Tree." It reimagines the beloved Briarwood arc as a Gothic horror story. The intrepid Lady Vex’ahlia unearths the secrets of Whitestone castle and its reclusive, tragic master, Lord Percival de Rolo.

"Believer" by Deathwish_Nine

Devil May Cry 5 was released this week to great acclaim, and rightfully so, as it's a great modern addition to a well-loved series. If you ever wondered what it'd be like to really be in the life of Dante and crew, then look no further than this second-person fic that gives you just that.

TV Shows


"'Time for a story' Drabble Series" by smkkbert

Arrow is sadly coming to an end after its (shortened) eighth season. There are lots of opinions about that, just as there are lots of opinions about Oliver and Felicity. However, we'd like to think that Ollicity fans would rather enjoy those two living the rest of their lives in domestic bliss, which is exactly what this sweet series delivers.

"Walk With Me, My Friend" by MarvelousAvengfulSlytherin

The tragic passing of Luke Perry will, of course, have an effect on the story of Riverdale. Fans trying to process the sudden loss of the man who brought Fred Andrews to life have written a number of fics in honor of him. This one is sweet, poignant, and true to Fred's loving character.