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SYFY WIRE Resident Alien

Recap: The women take control & Harry gets sexy in 'Resident Alien' Season 2, Ep. 3: 'Girls' Night'

Plus, Harry learns the importance of the phrase, "Shut up and listen."

By Caitlin Busch

When you're an alien, how do you stop two members of law enforcement from arresting you for the crimes of the human you're impersonating? By making them forget they ever found any evidence against you, of course.

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**SPOILER WARNING: This recap contains spoilers for Resident Alien Season 2, Episode 3, "Girls' Night."**

One of those law enforcement officers, though, Deputy Liv Baker (Elizabeth Bowen), isn't a stranger to alien encounters. In the opening moments of Resident Alien's Season 2, Episode 3, "Girls' Night," we're treated to a rare flashback. We see our favorite townies as kids; they're on a camping trip, and young Ben Hawthorne is the first to catch sight of something in the woods. He and the other kids run off but young Liv stays behind to mind the fire. As soon as the others leave, Liv is bathed in a beam of light from above — she gasps and stares in shock, only for the light to leave as soon as it arrived. When the others return, she announces she saw something, but is immediately shamed about telling "lies," so she pretends she didn't see anything.

But she knows — and we know — what she saw.

Y'know who doesn't know what they saw? Present-day Liv and Sheriff Mike (Corey Reynolds).

Upon confronting Harry (Alan Tudyk) in his cabin, the doctor leaps into the rafters and Spider-Mans away from the deputy and sheriff's bullets. Mike's convinced Harry's a werewolf, but Asta (Sara Tomko) does everything she can to stop them from hurting Harry, even going so far as to put herself between the trigger-happy pair and her friend. She finally gets them to stop by telling them he's an alien, and Liv responds with a smile, declaring, "I knew they existed."

Cut to the next morning, and Mike and Liv are having breakfast at the diner and toasting a job well done. Liv tries to get the sheriff to agree to give her a raise, but he ignores her. Just like they both seem to be ignoring the alien in the room; Harry walks into the diner and they don't even blink. What is going on here?

Resident Alien 203 Still

Turns out Harry can change people's memories as easily as he can his own form. We learn Harry's replaced their memories of the previous night with that of an FBI agent showing up that day and stopping them from ever going to Harry's cabin in the first place. The agent flatters them and tells them the FBI is taking over the case. So there's no need for them to continue looking into the crime. Problem solved!

Asta's impressed but wonders why Harry never replaced her memories when she found out about his true identity. In a sweet moment, Harry tells her it's because her finding out meant he wasn't alone anymore. He also points out that he killed the man (the real Dr. Vanderspeigle) who killed Dr. Sam Hodges (Jan Bos), so she should be thanking him, to which Asta replies, "Harry, you're still a murderer." Not to mention that Sam's wife Abigail (Deborah Finkel) is still in prison for a crime she didn't commit.

Determined to prove Patience is more than its recent string of murders and disappearances, Mayor Ben (Levi Fiehler) is shooting a tourism commercial with his wife Kate's (Meredith Garretson) help. He's having some issues keeping it light, but at least he'll catch a break when Kate's cousin Carlyn arrives later.

Asta asks Harry how long it will take to make the radio to contact his people and tell them not to come, reasoning that it didn't take E.T. much to get ahold of his people. Harry posits that E.T. was an idiot — a sexy, sexy idiot, but an idiot nonetheless.

Harry Thinks E.T. Is Sexy

With thoughts of that "beautiful moron" E.T. swirling in his head, Harry gets to work on the radio, but has to stop when Kate shows up with her cousin Carlyn (guest star Alex Borstein) in tow. Carlyn hurt herself while hiking and needs medical attention (she's not dying, much to Harry's disappointment). We soon learn, though, that Carlyn is something of a science genius herself: She works in a lab at New Mexico Tech and is impressed with Harry's skills. And his looks. And his personality... which seems sus but who are we to judge?

Asta, Liv, D'Arcy (Alice Wetterlund), and Kayla (Sarah Podemski) plan a girls' night (what they call a "GN 59") to blow off some steam, and D'Arcy invites Kate and Carlyn, leaving Ben alone for the evening.

Meanwhile, Max (Judah Prehn) finds Sahar (Gracelyn Awad Rinke) in the park and asks for her help with his latest problem: shaving the hair on his back. For some privacy, Sahar leads Max to the government agents' RV, which is parked in the woods and seemingly abandoned. You'll recall from last season that Sahar cooked up a genius idea to track the agents using Kate's phone, and it's held onto its battery life long enough for Sahar to find it. Not too far away, Agent David Logan (Alex Barima) is working on tracking General Wright's (Linda Hamilton) movements, but his tech blows out. Luckily for him, he knows where he can find another one.

Max and Sahar aren't so lucky, since that tech is in the RV where Sahar is about to wax Max's back. Sahar, the genius feminist that she is, explains inequitable female Western beauty standards to her friend — right before ripping the hair off his back with zero remorse after Max tries to tell her how hard it is to be a guy.

Realizing Kate's plans leave him alone for the evening, Mayor Ben awkwardly approaches Sheriff Mike as a hangout buddy. Mike turns him down because he says he has to take care of his father, but Liv steps in to point out how much Mike's dad Lewis (Alvin Sanders) would like to get out of the house for a beer and tells Ben he'll be there.

That night at The 59, the ladies prep for their crazy night. Carlyn regales them with stories about how her lab supervisor sexually harasses her and how she's been afraid she'll never find a nice guy. Now, she has. That guy?

One Dr. Harry Vanderspeigle, who's shown up in his fancy clothes to woo Carlyn and get access to her lab for a portable defuser. He knows he's no E.T. He doesn't have "his bulbous football head or his squat corgi legs or his platypus feet" — Harry's just REALLY into E.T., okay? — but he's confident in his ability "to be a charming alien" when he needs to be. Lucky for him, Carlyn's already digging on his vibe.

An impromptu date commences, and it turns out Carlyn and Harry are... kind of perfect together? We've no idea how to describe what ensues on this date, so, honestly, just watch the below clip and be entertained:

Harry Seduces Carlyn – And It Works!

As Harry is attempting to get into Carlyn's lab (that's not a euphemism, we swear), the other women chat about their love lives and Kate reveals her and Ben's more adventurous side just as Ben, Mike, and Lewis show up and sit in another part of the bar. Ben tells father and son about D'Arcy kissing him, and Mike says he'd be crazy to tell Kate.

Things begin heating up between Harry and Carlyn, so Asta steps in and pulls Harry aside to shame him for preying on Carlyn and attempting to steal her security badge to get into the lab. She says Harry will never understand what it's like to be a woman, and in that moment, Harry hatches a new plan. He leaves suddenly, and the women tell Carlyn to forget him — they're supposed to be out for a girls' night. However, Carlyn leaves and the other women decide to hit up another spot.

They head out to the woods to drink, dance, and party around a fire. Asta and Liv lie on the ground and reminisce about class trips they used to take as kids. Of course, that's when the battery in Liv's car fails and the music goes out. Why can't she get a new car that doesn't die every two seconds? Because she's never gotten a raise.

Soon enough, the women's collective outrage about how little money they all make in comparison to the men in town bubbles over. They "break into" the town hall and gather proof about the indiscretions; the crossing guard makes more than Liv, and the brand new teacher makes way more than Kate. So, in a slow-mo scene for the ages, the women storm the Hawthorne household, wake Ben, and refuse to leave until he agrees to fix the gender pay gap.

The next morning, Asta arrives at Harry's to find Carlyn there, only to realize that Harry kidnapped her and is now impersonating her so he can break into the lab. Asta's not thrilled, but she agrees to escort Real (catatonic) Caryln and Alien Carlyn to New Mexico and watch over Real Carlyn while Harry breaks into the lab. Assuming her visage, Harry waltzes into the lab to get the supplies he needs, only to be sexually harassed by her supervisor.

We then get the pleasure of seeing this creep tossed across the lab (several times) as Harry's alien strength comes in handy once again. Upon returning to Asta, Harry admits how hard being a woman is, and Asta's response amounts to "no sh**." She tells Harry to learn to shut up and listen to women, once again proving her superiority.

Harry Becomes Carlyn and Teaches a Gross Man a Lesson

With his new tech in hand, Harry is able to complete his radio. He turns it on, begins to celebrate — and is immediately interrupted by Max and Sahar barging in, with the latter demanding answers about Max's side effects, which have evolved into him now going through an early puberty. Having taken Asta's advice to heart, Harry agrees to do so without complaint with a simple, "Yes, ma'am."

The women of Patience have had enough. They leak the discrepancies in pay, with D'Arcy going so far as to throw flyers from a helicopter when Sheriff Mike tries to stop her from posting them on the streets. Find out how the town moves forward in next week's episode of Resident Alien.