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SYFY WIRE Red Notice

Watch The Rock try not to laugh at Ryan Reynolds in Netflix's Red Notice blooper reel

How many times did Ryan Reynolds manage to make the Rock break character?

By Matthew Jackson
Red Notice Behind The Scenes

Since pretty much the moment it was announced, it was clear that Netflix's Red Notice would be the kind of movie in which A-list genre stars would have a lot of fun. It's one of those action films in which the main cast basically gets paid to travel the world, look cool on camera, and of course, have a laugh or two in the process. With that kind of setup, there was always going to be a blooper reel, and if the one Netflix just dropped is any indication, the production spent a lot of time watching Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson crack up every time Ryan Reynolds was in the room. 

The setup for the film is relatively straightforward: It's the story of an elite FBI profiler (Johnson), tasked with taking down an international art thief (Reynolds) who's trying to steal a series of three jeweled eggs dating back to the Roman Empire, only to then team up with the same thief to bring down another international criminal mastermind (Gal Gadot) who's also after the eggs. As the three key players chase each other across Europe, getting into all manner of trouble along the way, there are lots of opportunities for action-comedy fun. 

In the blooper reel below, which Netflix dropped Sunday, you can see that the fun seemed to extend to the moments we didn't see, as Johnson, Reynolds, and Gadot all try to keep it together during scenes in which they're all supposed to look varying degrees of cool. Whether it's Reynolds making faces to crack Johnson up, Johnson bumping into the slate right before a take, Gadot spilling champagne all over a table, or props falling everywhere, it's clear that the stars had a blast with their globetrotting adventure.

Check it out below:

Promoted heavily by each of its main stars ahead of its release on Netflix earlier this month, Red Notice quickly caught fire in both its limited theatrical release and its streaming debut, becoming the biggest movie debut in the history of the streamer along the way. That means sequels, which means more blooper reels, likely somewhere down the line.