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Resident Alien: Harry & Giorgio Tsoukalos sound off on ancient aliens in exclusive preview of Episode 9

By Josh Weiss

It's time to hitch a ride on the chariot of the gods and check out an exclusive clip from next week's episode of Resident Alien. As we saw in the teaser trailer for Episode 9, Harry (Alan Tudyk) comes face-to-face with alien expert and internet meme legend Giorgio Tsoukalos.

The latter carries most of the conversation, explaining how ancient cultures might have been visited by technologically advanced aliens, while an enthralled Harry munches down on a delicious Edible Arrangement. At last, the good doctor speaks up and tells Giorgio that he "should be on television." After all of the tasty fruits are consumed, Harry exits stage right, leaving behind the honeydew, which, in his opinion, tastes "like old women's perfume."

Check it out, above.


So, were prehistoric humans visited by peoples from beyond the stars? To quote Palmer from John Carpenter's The Thing, "They're falling out of the skies like flies. Government knows all about it ... They practically own South America. I mean they taught the Incas everything they knew."

"In my opinion, it would be fairly boring and kind of an insult in the face of creation if Earth [was] the only game in town," Tsoukalos remarked in 2019. "So, the idea that perhaps other extra-terrestrial intelligence civilizations exist throughout our galaxy — and perhaps even throughout the universe — and that we are just one tiny cog wheel in this gigantic mechanism is wonderful."

Giorgio Tsoukalos Resident Alien

Episode 9 of Resident Alien (entitled "Welcome Aliens") makes contact with SYFY next Wednesday, March 24, at 10 p.m. EST. The finale airs the following week (Wednesday, March 31) at the same time. The first four episodes are currently available to stream on Peacock. SYFY renewed the series for a second season earlier this week.