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'Alien-er' than ever: SYFY's Resident Alien cast gives us an exciting first look at Season 2

By Caitlin Busch
'Alien-er' Than Ever: SYFY's Resident Alien Cast Gives Us an Exciting First Look at Season 2

Greetings, humans! We know you’ve been missing Harry Vanderspeigle of SYFY's Resident Alien and the other residents of Patience, Colorado, which is why we wanted to spend some time reminiscing about Season 1… and look forward to what we can expect in Season 2.

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To celebrate the kick-off of New York Comic Con 2021, SYFY unveiled an extensive look back at Season 1, in which the cast — veterans and new faces alike — reflected on what they loved about Harry’s (Alan Tudyk) journey to destroy the planet (or, not, psych!) and what he learned along the way. For instance: Pizza is life, literally; some humans are worth getting to know (shoutout to Sara Tomko’s Asta Twelvetrees), while others are a menace to society (which is what Harry would say about Judah Prehn’s Max); and murder investigations aren’t as simple as Law & Order makes them out to be.

For Season 2, audiences have more than ever to look forward to. As Tudyk explains, “It’s Resident Alien, but it’s just alien-er this season. There’s other things happening in town and some of the other characters grow and expand and you get to see them doing some really funny stuff.”

Of course, we’ll be getting returning favorites, such as Corey Reynolds’ Sheriff Mike Thompson and Elizabeth Bowen’s Deputy Liv Baker. While they can’t promise there will be more star-making turns at karaoke this time around, we can rest assured that Sheriff Mike and Deputy Liv are working side-by-side once again.

“We were all really eager to step back into these characters' crazy shoes and start goofing around again,” Reynolds says.

Bowen promises we’ll be seeing more of the women — Deputy Liv, Asta, and, of course, Alice Wetterlund’s D'Arcy Bloom — together, hanging out and maybe getting into more than their fair share of trouble. 

Joining the women this season will be Alex Borstein (Family Guy, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel), who plays Carlyn, Kate Hawthorne’s (Meredith Garretson) cousin. As Borstein explains, “She makes a little visit to Patience, Colorado, where she comes across Harry and delights in him.

“You know what I mean,” she adds.

As for what else is on the books for Season 2? You’ll just have to watch the above video and tune into Resident Alien Season 2, coming soon on SYFY.