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Watch: Resident Evil invades Dead by Daylight for the horror mash-up of your (twisted) dreams

By Benjamin Bullard
Jill Valentine vs Zombies in Resident Evil 3

We’re not asking how it took so long to get two hide-and-seek horror greats together; we’re just hair-raisingly happy it’s finally here. Multiplayer survival stalker Dead by Daylight is getting a Resident Evil gaming  crossover — one that’s set to put a whole different kind of kill-or-be-killed spin on Raccoon City.

Dead by Daylight publisher Behaviour Interactive is commemorating its fifth anniversary (hey, kudos on staying alive that long!) with Resident Evil Chapter, an upcoming new content mash-up that will bring veteran RE characters Leon Kennedy and Jill Valentine into DBD’s Entity’s Realm. Better still (or perhaps worse, depending on whether you're in his sightline) is the addition of Nemesis — the iconic hulking baddie who joined Resident Evil's growing franchise pantheon of boss-level terrors in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.

As the reveal trailer makes terrifyingly clear, Nemesis hasn't lost any of his tentacled touch:

Looks pretty familiar, right? That’s because the new chapter will frame Dead by Daylight’s signature 4-vs-1 asymmetrical stalker gameplay within the claustrophobic confines of the Raccoon City police station. RE fans may know the place like the back of their hand by now, but we’re eerily confident that Behaviour and Capcom have worked out a sinister plan to throw a few well-placed surprises around all those dark corners.

In addition to the character crossovers and new map, the new chapter reportedly will also feature a Dead by Daylight first. Via IGN, Nemesis will be an AI-controlled killer (rather than DBD’s customary player-controlled antagonist). Leon and Jill — already scrounging in the RE franchise to find a few spare bullets — won’t have any weapons at all, in keeping with DBD’s typical unarmed-survivor loadout. Instead, they’ll get access to their own versions of the game’s lineup of weapons-free survival perks — all the better to buy them some precious escape time.

Resident Evil isn’t the first big name to make the mash-up jump into Dead by Daylight’s enduringly popular mythos. Stranger Things, Halloween, Saw, A Nightmare on Elm Street and more have already entered the DBD universe. But it’s definitely among the small handful of horror franchises that feels like the perfect fit for DBD’s soul-sapping survival gauntlet.

Don’t say you haven’t been warned: the hunt begins all over again when Dead by Daylight’s Resident Evil Chapter launches on June 15.