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'Rick and Morty' creator Dan Harmon talks the show's longevity in exclusive look at S5 home release

The complete fifth season of Rick and Morty arrives on DVD and Blu-ray Tuesday, Dec. 7.

By Josh Weiss
Rick And Morty Season 5

Oo-wee! Have we got a treat for you! Adult Swim and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment were kind enough to provide SYFY WIRE with an exclusive behind-the-scenes clip from the Season 5 home release of Rick and Morty. The video in question is pulled straight from the making-of featurette entitled "Defying Gravity." Our particular snippet finds series co-creator Dan Harmon (of Community fame) discussing the true beauty of the show's longevity.

"If your show lasts long enough, you get to work with writers that are fans of the show," he explains, name-dropping Jeff Loveness, who wrote the Season 5 premiere as well as Mr. Poopybutthole's rather profound monologue that bookends the season. Fun fact: Loveness went on to pen the screenplay for Marvel Studios' Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. "An emotional connection forms there with these characters that live and breathe," adds Harmon.

Watch the clip below:

In addition to all 10 episodes (running for 22 minutes a apiece), the home release contains the following special features:

  • "Fighting Gravity": The Making of Season 5 (Exclusive to Set):

In this deep dive discussion, co-creator Dan Harmon and the crew reflect on the challenges of completing this season in the middle of a pandemic and the creative process behind the story's biggest revelations.

  • “Inside the Episode”

For every episode from Season 5

  • B-Story Generator Vol. 1:

Co-creator Dan Harmon and writer Rob Schrab reach into their box of random ideas to conjure up hilarious side stories.

  • B-Story Generator Vol. 2:

Co-creator Dan Harmon and writer Rob Schrab return to brainstorm even more ludicrous side stories.

  • Backgrounds:

The show's artists give us a jaw-dropping look at the amazingly detailed environments packed into every episode.

  • Animation and Compositing:

Crafting the show's visuals is a complex process and the crew is here to show us why.

  • Coloring Rick and Morty:

Get an in-depth look at how the crew uses vibrant color to create fantastic alien worlds.

  • Directing 'Mortyplicity':

An inside look at the evolution of this ambitious and action-packed episode, from initial storyboards to final product.

  • Directing 'Rickmurai Jack':

A behind the scenes look at one visualization of one of the most ambitious episodes in the series' history.

  • Season 5 Hype:

Dan Harmon and the writers give you a taste of what's in store for Rick and Morty's wildest season yet.

Rick and Morty: The Complete Fifth Season arrives on Blu-ray Steelbook ($39.99), Blu-ray ($29.98), and DVD ($24.98) tomorrow — Tuesday, Dec. 7. It is currently available to own on digital platforms — uncensored — for $24.99.

A sixth season of the show is already well into production.

Head below for a look at the regular and Steelbook box art for the Season 5 home release:

Rick and Morty Bluray Box Art PRESS
Rick and Morty Steelbook Box Art PRESS