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Exclusive: Not even death can save you from an alien invasion in first trailer for sci-fi film 'Risen'

By Nivea Serrao

In most alien invasion movies, death is the final frontier. However, in the upcoming film Risen, it's only the beginning. It all starts when a meteor crashes down into upstate New York, not only killing everything in the surrounding area — including the small town near it and the people who live there — but also turning the environment uninhabitable.

And that's just the start of a series of unearthly events as the meteor itself vanishes into the Earth, kicking off this massive disaster. 

Lucky for humankind, exobiologist Lauren Stone is brought onto the case to find some answers. But as the exclusive trailer debut below reveals, that's easier said than done when you're in the midst of an extraterrestrial invasion. Not only is the meteor itself highly toxic, but it also contained a "seed" of sorts, designed to test out whether Earth could be a planet these aliens could inhabit.

And what's worse, it also ensures that the dead don't stay dead, transforming them into White Walkers blue-eyed zombies, instead. 

Check out the trailer below:

Produced by Vertical Entertainment and Aryavision Pictures, Risen is written and directed by Eddie Arya (The System). It stars Nicole Schalmo, Jack Campbell (Home and Away), Dominic Stone (Rake), and Kenneth Trujillo (Black Lightning). 

The film crashes into select theaters and On Demand on Aug 20. 

Check out a glimpse at the poster for the film below. 

Risen Poster