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Robert Pattinson raises a daughter in space in trailer for A24's High Life

By Josh Weiss
Robert Pattinson High Life

What does it take to raise a child in the isolation of outer space? That’s the question posed by High Life, the upcoming sci-fi thriller from A24 and French director Claire Denis (35 Shots of Rum), who is making her English-language debut with this film.

Starring Robert Pattinson (Twilight), Juliette Binoche (Godzilla), Andre Benjamin (Four Brothers), and Mia Goth (Suspiria), the trippy-looking feature feels like a mix of 2001: A Space Odyssey and Raising Arizona. Set on a self-sustaining space station in the middle of the cosmos, the plot follows a group of "death-row inmates hurtling toward oblivion of a black hole."

Attempting to make something of himself is Pattinson's Monte, who is raising a young daughter. Binoche's character, Dr. Dibs, is described as a "mad scientist ... with sinister motives," who will most likely kick off the thriller aspect of the plot with her obsession with achieving "perfection," whatever that may be.

Watch the trailer now:

As you can see, High Life promises to match science fiction with style in a Kubrickian sort of way, while simultaneously exploring just what it means to be human.

Nothing shows the true side of our need to survive better than placing us in the middle of an airless vacuum. There's also a little bit of a visual gag at 1:06, where you can see what is clearly a marijuana plant growing in the space station's greenhouse, something that heavily underscores the "High" in the title.

Denis co-wrote the film's screenplay with Jean-Pol Fargeau (35 Shots of Rum) and Geoff Cox (Evolution).

Here's the poster as well:

High Life Movie Poster A24

High Life opens in theaters April 12.

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