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SYFY WIRE Robotech

Robotech unveils fleet of updates for comic and live-action movie at WonderCon

By Donnie Lederer
rick hunter

If you are a fan of the classic anime Robotech in any form, whether it be comics, tabletop games, or RPG, the people at Harmony Gold have lots in store for you. The minds behind Robotech descended to WonderCon 2019 and gave fans a taste of what's to come in various media, including an upcoming live-action movie.

The panel was moderated by Harmony Gold's Kev McKeever, who started by praising the Robotech fandom as some of the best in the world. He then showed off some fantastic fan art, before reminding fans new and old that the Robotech cartoon is now available for streaming on Netflix, Amazon, and Crackle.

From the digital to the physical, Kev talked about the various licensing partners Robotech has, and some of their upcoming products. Some highlights include:

  • Rick Hunter and Roy Focker Plushies from Icon Heroes
  • T-shirts, polos, socks, hoodies, and hockey jerseys from 80's Tees
  • ReAction and MUSCLE figures from Super7
  • Retro arcade game from Coleco
  • A New Robotech RPG from Strange Machine, who acquired the RPG license

Robotech's comic's publisher, Titan Comics, has some big things on the "horizon" if you will. Harmony Gold's creative director Tommy Yune revealed that the original comic adaptation of the Macross Saga is digitally remasted and is available in TPB and digital download.

Yune went on to talk about the current run of the Robotech comic, written by Simon Furman and drawn by new artist Hendry Prasetya. The revisioning of the Robotech story has had many fans asking questions and Yune reassured them that all would be revealed starting on this year's Free Comic Book Day, May 4th, with the beginning of the "Event Horizon" story, which will explain why all the changes have occurred within the comic's story versus its original telling.

The panel closed out with exciting news about the upcoming live action movie. Sony Pictures will be the distributor with Gianni Nunnari, Mark Canton, and Barbara Muschietti. The film has its director, who is Barbara's brother Andy Muschietti — you may know him from a small horror movie called It, as well as its upcoming sequel It Chapter 2. Writing duties fall upon Jason Fuchs, who co-wrote Wonder Woman.

From awesome gear to fun looking games, to a movie with a darn good pedigree, it's a great time to be a long-time Robotech fan, and it's a great time to become a new one.