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SYFY WIRE Deadpool 2

Ryan Reynolds hilariously vanishes Brad Pitt's Vanisher in BTS photo from Deadpool 2

By Josh Weiss
Brad Pitt Vanisher Deadpool 2

In true Wade Wilson fashion, Ryan Reynolds posted a hilariously cropped photo of himself and Brad Pitt from the set of Deadpool 2. Pitt briefly appeared in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it cameo as invisible X-Force member Vanisher. We only ever see his face when the character is electrocuted after the team jumps out of a plane around the 1-hour mark.

"Worked with a lot of great bit players. This guy played 'Vanisher,'" Reynolds wrote in the caption for the photo (see below) in which a smiling Pitt is barely in frame.

"I still don’t even know how we got him for the movie. I just wrote him a letter, and explained what it was we were doing," Reynolds told Collider around the time of the sequel's release. "And the sort of premise behind it was how do we, what’s the most wasteful way to use the biggest movie star in the world? And it was through a character that is largely invisible and worthless throughout the movie. And then just having him show up for eight frames of footage. And I guess Brad found that funny, we all found that funny. And he said, yes. And the next thing you know he came and shot for about seven minutes. It took him longer to drink the coffee that he requested as payment."

Deadpool 2 behind-the-scenes

Another BTS image shows Reynolds posing with Alan Tudyk and Matt Damon, who cameoed as the pair of beer-drinking rednecks when Cable (Josh Brolin) shows up from the future.

“They spent a lot of time in the makeup chair,” Deadpool 2 director David Leitch said in May of 2018. “Matt in particular. Bill Corso, our makeup artist, had three hours with him to put him in deep prosthetics and give him that beer belly."

Deadpool 2 behind-the-scenes

And in case you missed it, Reynolds paid homage to fellow Canadian native John Candy by having Wade read the same book Del Griffith reads in Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

Deadpool 2 behind-the-scenes
Deadpool 2 behind-the-scenes

A third Deadpool movie is currently in the works at Marvel Studios.

Check out a few more insider photos from the first two films in the gallery below ...