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Ryan Reynolds crashes virtual X-Men reunion with Jackman, Berry, Stewart, and more

By Josh Weiss
Ryan Reynolds X-Men Origins Wolverine

Deadpool 3 might be a long ways off, but you don't have to wait around for more fourth-wall-breaking jokes courtesy of Wade Wilson. That's because Ryan Reynolds recently crashed a virtual gathering of original X-Men actors, who were celebrating the first movie's 20th anniversary.

"I hope it's ok if I join. I figured we were all in X-Men together," he said, comedically baffling Hugh Jackman (Wolverine), Halle Berry (Storm), Patrick Stewart (Professor X), and Famke Janssen (Jean Gray). They were quick to remind him that his movie was the much-maligned X-Men Origins, which is often lampooned for its lackluster depiction of Deadpool. Unfazed, the smiling Reynolds proceeded to add James McAvoy (young Charles) and Sophie Turner (young Jean) to the Zoom call.

"What's happening?" asked Janssen.

"It's just like the X-Men movies ... it doesn't matter," Reynolds replied, alluding to the complicated timelines of the Fox-produced Marvel films.

Turner excused herself to attend a Game of Thrones reunion; Berry and Janssen escaped by way of James Bond engagements; McAvoy claimed to have a call with the Split cast; and Stewart, following everyone else's cues, simply said "Star Trek" and peaced out.

"Guess it's just you and me, Logan," Reynolds said to a dejected-looking Jackman. "You know what that makes this a reunion for?"

Jackman's disappointment only grew as Liev Schreiber (Victor Creed/Sabretooth) jumped on the call, super pumped for an Origins reunion.

Of course, the whole video is more of a pre-scripted comedy sketch than a genuine reunion, but it's really nice to see all these great actors bouncing off of Reynolds' Deadpool energy and being good sports about the disappointing Wolverine spinoff.

The meeting was orchestrated by Global Citizen, with the purpose of celebrating "everyday superheroes" of the pandemic like healthcare professionals and other essential workers.

X-Men turns 20 on Tuesday, July 14.