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SYFY WIRE Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds hilariously narrates a day in the life of pre-coffee goth Hugh Jackman

By Jacob Oller
Ryan Reynolds Hugh Jackman

The friendly feud between actor pals and superhero portrayers Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds has reached an advertisement armistice, but that doesn't mean the jokes have stopped. Even when the Deadpool and Wolverine actors get together to sell their wares, they still manage to work in a few self-effacing jabs in there — like with a new commercial for Jackman's brand of coffee, which comes narrated by Reynolds.

Laughing Man Coffee gets a little ad read from the comic actor, putting together a montage of notoriously perky song-and-dance man Jackman before he's had his brew. It's very silly and features some premium Jackman snarls and Reynolds deadpans.

Take a look:

Everyone's a little different before their coffee. Jackman's no different.

"This is Hugh Jackman," Reynolds says in voiceover. "Noted humanitarian, goodwill ambassador, eternal optimist, and founder of Laughing Man Coffee." Reynolds attributes the beans to Jackman's sunny disposition, saying that it's "100 percent responsible for the Hugh Jackman we all know and love" as Jackman chucks his alarm clock, yells at children, swears at his dog, and frowns while listens to some casual morning metal.

But after a sip of coffee he goes from Logan to The Greatest Showman — a classic gag, but one that's getting the AAA treatment from these two stars. Will their next sparring match also involve making their companies some cash? Possibly, especially as Jackman's left the superhero biz and Reynolds waits to see how Disney decides to use Deadpool now that he's a bonafide member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.