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SYFY WIRE Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds launches his own streaming service, but it only has one movie: 2003's 'Foolproof'

By Josh Weiss

Ryan Reynolds has officially entered the Streaming Wars with his own platform: Mint Mobile+, named after the mobile wireless company that Reynolds now owns. However, we don't think he'll get many subscribers, because the only thing to watch on the service (and yes, it actually exists) is Foolproof, a 2003 Canadian heist comedy written and directed by William Phillips that featured the Deadpool star in his 11th film role.

"Every tech company needs a streaming service. So … introducing Mint Mobile +. The world’s most affordable streaming service!" Reynolds wrote on Twitter. "Two minutes after launch, and our crack data team has already determined Mint Mobile + should probably be shut down by the weekend. We’ll go back to focusing on premium wireless …"

The launch trailer promises that you can "binge over 80 minutes of Ryan Reynolds ... all streaming in 2003 DVD quality." And it's true, the movie's resolution is just awful. Still, it's all in good fun, especially the fact that the website (modeled after Disney+'s layout) seems to boast a myriad of "Unoriginal" options, until you look closer and see that every movie is Foolproof disguised under a different thumbnail.

Mint Mobile Plus Ryan Reynolds


Mint Mobile Plus Ryan Reynolds

Co-starring Kristin Booth, David Hewlett, Joris Jarsky, David Suchet, and James Allodi, Foolproof is about a group of friends who like to stage hypothetical heist scenarios for fun. They're forced to do it for real, however, when a felon blackmails them into stealing millions of dollars.

"Foolproof is a surprise because whilst not a great movie, it is certainly entertaining and has fun with heist movies without becoming a spoof. It is definitely a movie which deserves to be better known and a must watch for fans of heist movies," wrote The Movie Scene in its review.