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SDCC 2019: Ghostbusters 2020 fan theories - Legit or BS?


Even at San Diego Comic-Con, we ain't afraid of no ghost! As part of SYFY WIRE's Con After Dark coverage, we're tackling Ghostbusters 2020 in our latest round of our Legit or BS? show. Sony can skip Comic-Con if they want, but they can't stop the fans from speculating! It's our job to take these fan theories and issue a ruling about whether they have merit or not.

The first topic put to our panel of experts was to pick the best Ghostbusters movie. Come on, was anyone going to say Ghostbusters II or that other one? Of course the original film is the best! There's probably scientific charts to back that up and everything.

After that, we look at Paul Rudd's casting and decide the most likely way that he’ll fit into the movie. Speaking of which, another popular fan theory is that Egon, as formerly played by the late Harold Ramis will factor into the story as well. Egon possessing one of the young kids to send a warning from the afterlife sounds plausible. However, we kind of doubt that Mckenna Grace or Finn Wolfhard are playing Egon's children or grandchildren. The math just doesn’t seem to fit, if the film is actually taking place in 2020.

Another important issue is how the world changed as a result of the first two Ghostbusters films. Have they been franchised out? Is Ghostbusting like pest control now? Or will the world pretend it was all a hoax despite all evidence to the contrary? We have a few thoughts to share about that.

For more Ghostbusters 2020 fan theories, check out the full video!