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SDCC 2019: She-Ra Season 3 preview (Geena Davis!!)


If there's one reboot that won't ruin our childhoods, it's She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, and now executive producer Noelle Stevenson and a few of the cast members are fangirling hard over Geena Davis joining the cast as Huntara in Season 3.

"You're not ready for Huntara," Stevenson told SYFY WIRE. "She's so fun, she's so cool, you know, she's every bit as badass as Geena Davis herself."

There's more to fangirl (and fanboy) over next to an acting legend on the scene. Stevenson promises that Season 3 will be more epic than ever with a finale to end all finales. Adora, frenemy Catra, and all the characters will be going through something Stevenson says is "totally different from anything we've tried on the show before and different from anything they’ve experienced." Whatever that is, it's probably going to involve sorcery, strife and that mystical sword.

Aimee Carrerra, who voices She-Ra herself, basically said that things will change so quickly you’ll be doing a double take, because you almost won't realize what happened to the people you knew and the alliances you thought they had. Do characters who normally don't get along join forces (and powers)? Does one of the princesses defect to the Horde? No one's telling.

Stevenson was able to reveal that the story of Season 3 is really about Adora's journey. The Princess of Power reveals her insecurity in this season, and tries exceptionally hard to find herself as a person and forge her own path.

Since She-Ra is a reboot, we had to ask the cast what their dream reboot roles would be. Lauren Ash (Scorpia), who was an '80s kid and hardcore She-Ra fan who confessed to having all the dolls and playing with them after school while watching the show, would be all there for Alf. For anime fans Merit Leighton (Frosta) and Marcus Scribner (Bow), it would have to be Sailor Moon and Cowboy Bebop. Carrera wants to see another warrior princess back on screen. Who else but Xena?

Unlock more secrets to the upcoming season of She-Ra — watch the video!

This article was contributed to by Elizabeth Rayne.