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SDCC fanfiction stories for the cosplayers and line-waiters alike

By Kristina Manente

Welcome to Read This Fanfiction, a weekly digest of the hottest and latest fanfics about all your favorite movies, television shows, anime, and more. Whether they're popular, heartbreaking, innovative, or just plain entertaining, here's what you should be reading!

We are now in the thick of San Diego Comic-Con, and over 100,000 nerds have descended upon San Diego's Gaslamp district like Dean Winchester at an all-you-can-eat pie buffet. Singalongs, celebrity sightings, signings, and shenanigans abound. This pop culture phenomenon always promises new reveals, premieres, the best cosplay, and more — frankly, there's a lot that happens at Comic-Con.

As such, it's the time in my life wherein I ask myself, "Is ... there SDCC fanfiction?"

The answer ... as always ... is yes.

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"Premiere Passes" by Aicosu

Star Wars - While in line for Hall H at Comic-Con, Ben and Hux get cut in line by some Rebel cosplayers.

"It All Starts With a Like" by imhookedonaswan

Once Upon a Time - What happens when two well-known cosplayers finally collaborate for San Diego Comic-Con?

"Legends Take SDCC" by areyouarealmonster

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow - Ray drags the Legends to San Diego Comic-Con, 2016.

"Trading Spaces" by cakeisnotpie

AvengersLoki's spell goes awry (happens a lot, doesn't it?) and the old switcheroo takes place. Loki finds himself in our universe, in San Diego at Comic-Con, and Clark Gregg finds himself in New York with the team. 


"This isn't as weird as it looks" by Boldlytrekkin

Star Trek - You're at the San Diego Comic-Con and meet someone unexpected.

"The Blonde and the Brunette" by LiviaDamnvers

The 100 - Clarke Griffin is a comic book artist attending the San Diego Comic-Con, and Lexa Woods is attending the con for the very first time, to meet the person behind her favorite comic book.

"The Han to my Leia" by briennejamie

Teen Wolf - Heading to Comic-Con, Stiles and Lydia as a new couple cosplay and get ready to go.

"Felicity's Revenge" by Meg_louise15

Arrow - When Felicity gets some unwanted news about Comic-Con she sets out for her revenge. Let’s just say Oliver finds it hilarious.


"SDCC Hookup - Ghosting the Con" by fresne

Supernatural/Wonder Woman - Charlie might not have tickets, but she could still experience the con. Part of the delightful SDCC Hookup series wherein fandoms mash-up and, well, hook-up.

"The Requisite Comic Con Story" by Tsuuriki

Timeless - Rufus & Jiya met at Comic-Con.

"Big Hero 6 go to SDCC" by KennaM

Big Hero 6 - A year after the superhero team break out in San Fransokyo, Fred convinces them to attend Comic-Con. Dressed as themselves.

"And I Will Wait (I Will Wait For You)" by Lilsciencequeen

Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D. - When waiting in line for an exclusive film showing, Jemma Simmons soon meets someone who would change her life forever.