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Comic-Con@Home: Oscar Isaac teases his Legendary Comics graphic novel from the set of Moon Knight

By Matthew Jackson
Legendary Comics_Head Wounds Sparrow_Cover

One of the great joys of San Diego Comic-Con is an audience's reaction when a celebrity makes a surprise appearance at a panel, whether we're talking about Harrison Ford striding out onstage for Star Wars: The Force Awakens or Mahershala Ali's surprise reveal as the next actor to play Blade. That kind of surprise is harder to pull off when your convention isn't happening in person, but Legendary Comics still managed to spring a secret treat on viewers Saturday during its 2021 Comic-Con@Home panel. 

After an introduction by Director of Publishing Jann Jones, the panel shifted to reveal a special message from none other than Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Dune star Oscar Isaac, who announced that he was coming to us from the set of the much-anticipated Moon Knight Disney+ series.

"We're deep into it over here, it's been going great," Isaac said of the series. "It's gonna be a wild, wild show, and I'll be very excited to talk about it in the future."

But of course, Isaac didn't show up at a Legendary panel to talk about a Marvel property. Instead, he was there to promote Head Wounds: Sparrow, the Legendary original graphic novel announced during last year's Comic-Con@Home. Described as a "labor of love" and an "antihero journey." Isaac developed the story for the book with longtime friend Bob Johnson (credited as creator on the project), Jason Spire, and John Alvey. To bring it to life, the team turned to writer Brian Buccellato (The Flash) to tackle the comic's script, and Christian Ward (ODY-CInvisible Kingdom) to tackle the art, which you can get a peek at in the gallery below. 

Following Isaac's introduction, Johnson, Alvey, Spire, Buccellato, and Ward all participated in a discussion about the making of the book. You can learn more about Head Wounds: Sparrow in the video above, but here's how Legendary's official logline describes it:

"Leo Guidry is a bad person and an even worse cop. When he suffers a psychic head wound, his life on the edge slips into spiritual warfare. In a landscape of angels, devils, and everything in between, can a person utterly devoid of empathy find a way to overcome the forces of darkness that have infiltrated his reality?"

Head Wounds: Sparrow arrives this fall from Legendary Comics.

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