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SDCC: The Expanse shows what lies beyond the Ring Gate with first look at Season 4

By Trent Moore

One of the most ambitious sci-fi series on television is set to return at a new home this year in The Expanse, and the crew of the Rocinante showed up at San Diego Comic-Con to show all us Earthers a first look at Season 4.

The show, which shifts from SYFY to Amazon Prime for its fourth season, brought out most of the cast and crew to give fans a sneak peek of what they'll see now that the Ring Gate is open and there's a whole new world (literally) for humanity to explore. The service also revealed that the new season will premiere December 13 on Amazon Prime.

The studio dropped a first look at Season 4, showing off the Rocinante landing on Ilus, a newly discovered planet that will feature into the new season. The planet looks to be a refugee camp for Belters at this point, but more than anything it makes clear this is a whole new era for the world of The Expanse.

The Expanse Season 4 - Clip: Rocinante Lands on Ilus | Prime Video

Along with the clip, Amazon also released a new teaser trailer for the fourth season, showing off all the drama, battles, political intrigue and space action fans have come to expect. Oh, and there's also an F-bomb, one of those things made a whole lot easier by having your show on a streaming platform.

The Expanse is set to return in December on Amazon Prime.

The streaming service also dropped a ton of new pics from the fourth season, as well as some behind-the-scenes shots of production. Check those out below and let us know what you think:

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