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Creepy deep sea mermaids arise in first look at IDW's maritime horror comic Sea of Sorrows

By Josh Weiss
Sea of Sorrows IDW Publishing

The bloodshed of World War I meets creepy deep sea mermaids in SYFY WIRE's exclusive first look at Sea of Sorrows. Going on sale next month, the IDW comic book series from Rich Douek (Road of Bones) and Alex Cormack (SINK), follows a group of treasure hunting opportunists hoping to collect a golden bounty from the wreck of a sunken U-boat beneath the dark waves of the North Atlantic.

While things look promising at first, the greedy folks aboard the SS Vagabond may end up paying for a cache of abandoned German gold...with their lives. DUN! DUN! DUN!

"Sea of Sorrows is about a crew being stalked by a sea monster, but there's another thing that's haunting all of them — the trauma of WWI," Douek said in an exclusive statement. "Some of the characters experienced it directly, while others were on the sidelines, but being alive during that time, all of them were inevitably affected by it. Whether they realize it or not, those memories, and the rippling effect of the war on their lives, puts them in just as much danger as the creature does."

Sea of Sorrows IDW Publishing

Sea of Sorrows IDW Publishing

You'll come for the Indiana Jones-y adventure (set during the tail end of the Roaring Twenties) and stay for the absolutely stunning artwork. Seriously, Cormack draws great white sharks and deadly European battlefields with a gritty and chilling accuracy that sucks you into the world of the comic, no questions asked.

"For the look of Sea of Sorrows, I was influenced by a lot of films from the 1920s, through the noirs of the 1950s, drawing characters and costumes from those films and the lighting from the later ones," Cormack explained in a statement of his own. "[I was] hoping that if you could imagine seeing Humphrey Bogart or Lauren Bacall or James Cagney hanging out on the ship, it wouldn’t be too out of place. That’s all above ground. Once underwater, it turns into a classic horror story, keeping it dark and trying to stay with wide shots that danger could be anywhere."

Sea of Sorrows #1 goes on sale Wednesday, May 20. Make like a carcharodon carcharias and sink your teeth into five exclusive interior pages from the debut issue in the media gallery below.