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Servant: Try to evade the law in first look at Season 2's Weekend at Bernie's-inspired episode

By Josh Weiss

The Turners are really up the creek now, and they'll be lucky to find even a third of a paddle, as you can clearly see in our exclusive first look at this week's episode of Servant, titled "Marino." 

In the clip below, the cops show up for a now-catatonic Uncle George (Boris McGiver). Julian (Rupert Grint) is ready to give up the strange cult leader, but Dorothy (Lauren Ambrose) refuses, stating that they need George to get Jericho back. She agrees to stall the police as Julian and Sean (Toby Kebell) are instructed to hide George's immobile body, kicking off a nail-bitingly hilarious tribute to a corpse-centric classic from 1989. 

“The comedy is something we’re all proud of,” executive producer M. Night Shyamalan recently said. “All four of these actors are so strong with physical [comedy]. I can come up with comedy that leans into that physicality. Like for Episode 7 ["Marino"], I pitched a Weekend at Bernie’s episode involving comatose Uncle George. It’s right on the line with broad comedy.”

Check out the creepy hijinks below:

Now Dorothy and Sean can add lying to local law enforcement to their felony bingo card, which already includes drugging, kidnapping, false imprisonment, and assault.

"I realized [black comedy] has been my instinct since I was a kid and I was not skilled enough to do it, was too scared to do it, or didn't have an environment that appreciated it," Shyamalan explained to SYFY WIRE prior to the second season premiere. "And so when I did The Visit ... I was like,'Screw y'all! I'm doing this openly. From now on. I'm gonna go down in flames, but we're gonna do a full, blown-out comedy/horror and that's all there is to it.'"

But where is Leanne, you're probably asking? Well, that's a fair question. Last we saw, Ms. Grasyon (Nell Tiger Free) was headed for greener pastures — far away from the reach of her aunt and uncle — with Sean serving as her chauffeur. That no longer seems to be the case in the wake of the news that the latest family Leanne nannied for, the incredibly wealthy Marinos, are dead after a home invasion gone wrong. The only survivor of the attack is 10-year-old Sergio, but he's missing.

Written by M. Night's daughter, Ishana Night Shyamalan, "Marino," Episode 7 of Servant Season 2, drops onto Apple TV+ this Friday, Feb. 26.