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Servant hints at more overt supernatural elements as the search for Jericho begins in trailer for Season 2

By Josh Weiss
Servant Season 2

The strange and winding melodrama of Servant continues with the official trailer for Season 2.

Premiering on Apple TV+ next month, the second season of the M. Night Shyamalan-produced series picks up with the search for Jericho, the infant son of Philadelphia couple Sean and Dorothy Turner (played by Toby Kebbell and Lauren Ambrose, respectively). While Jericho tragically died after being accidentally left in a hot car for too long, he seemed to be resurrected after Dorothy hired a suspicious nanny named Leanne Grayson (Nell Tiger Free). With Leanne leaving the Turner household and returning to her cult at the end of Season 1, the baby reverted back to the faux therapy doll that helped Dorothy cope with her child's death.

Now, the Turners are looking to find the flesh-and-blood baby (whether it's actually theirs or not), which means they have to find Leanne. What they don't know is that the unnerving nanny brings a mysterious malaise with her wherever she goes. In particular, Uncle George (played by Boris McGiver) hints at more overt supernatural elements in the second season, which looks to be taking on a Stranger Things-like vibe with a much larger scope.

Watch the trailer below:

Harry Potter's Rupert Grint rounds out the core cast as Dorothy's concerned and wine-loving brother, Julian Pearce. After a shutdown caused by COVID-19, the project resumed its on-site production in the fall, turning an entire Philadelphia block into a Christmas-themed wonderland with heaps of fake snow. As such, we know that the new episodes (or part of them, at least) take place around the holidays.

Servant returns to Apple TV+ for Season 2 on Jan. 15, 2021.