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SYFY WIRE Seth MacFarlane

Seth MacFarlane adapting Image Comics' 'Shrouded College' for Peacock supernatural adventure series

‘Hellboy’ meets ‘Indiana Jones’? Sign us up.

By Benjamin Bullard

Deals with devilish types almost always lead to trouble, but we’ll make an exception for the new Peacock series brewing from Seth MacFarlane’s production company. The Family Guy and The Orville creator is springing Image Comics’ supernatural Shrouded College graphic novels off the printed page and onto TV screens in a forthcoming “Hellboy meets Indiana Jones” adventure-horror series adaptation.

Deadline reports MacFarlane’s Fuzzy Door Productions banner and Universal Content Productions (UCP) have snagged the rights to the still-unfolding comics series, which comes from frequent DC and Marvel writer Charles Soule (Daredevil, Swamp Thing, Star Wars: Obi-Wan & Anakin) and artist Will Sliney (Star Wars: The Clone Wars, The Amazing Spider-Man). Soule and Sliney reportedly will serve as executive producers with MacFarlane, alongside Erica Huggins and Rachel Hargreaves-Heald for Fuzzy Door Productions.

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Framed as a seven-story cycle once it’s finished, the first Shrouded College installment, Hell to Pay #1, arrived last fall, with the second story, The Bloody Dozen, reportedly set to publish via Image later this year. The horror series follows the do-or-die adventures of characters who’ve offered their loyalty to the titular "Shrouded College" institution in exchange for magic powers as “secret agents,” via Deadline. As part of the deal, they’ll wage a “supernatural cold war” on behalf of the shady entity, framed in the report as a “down-and-out organization on the edge of destruction.”

Here’s Image Comics’ synopsis for Hell to Pay #1:

The Shrouded College will give you magic... but you'll incur a debt. Until it's paid you belong to them. Married couple Maia and Sebastian Stone took that deal. They have worked for the College ever since using their new abilities to track down 666 cursed coins: qurrakh... aka the Devil's Dollar. Only a few remain. The Stones are almost free... but the devil's in the details. Hellboy meets Indiana Jones in this supernatural adventure from Charles Soule (Eight Billion Genies, Undiscovered Country) and Will Sliney (Spider-Man).

The Peacock series falls smack in the middle of a five-year overall production arrangement between MacFarlane and NBCUniversal Content Studios, struck in 2020 and already responsible for the Bill Nye-hosted The End Is Nye series at Peacock, as well as MacFarlane’s in-development small-screen adaptation of his 2012 comedy hit Ted. MacFarlane’s Fuzzy Door is also behind sci-fi comedy series The Orville, plus the upcoming feature-length restart of Revenge of the Nerds and a yet-untitled Family Guy film.

There’s no early word on casting for Shrouded College, nor when the series will start its horror-infused hell ride at Peacock.

In the meantime, there’s tons of bloody good supernatural and horror stuff on Peacock, including Nope, Train to Busan, Prom Night, and Grimm.