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SYFY WIRE Sharknado

Sharknado Swimming Into Theaters With Special Features, Deleted Scenes For 10th Anniversary

Circle those calendars for Aug. 15 & 16… before the sharks have you surrounded.

By Benjamin Bullard

There’s something in the water…and in the clouds…and soon, before you can even crank a chainsaw, it’ll be looming larger than life in theaters just the way nature (probably never) intended.

Right on time to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the pop culture event that took television by storm, SYFY and The Asylum’s Sharknado is coming to the big screen for a special 2-day engagement to celebrate the hilariously ill-omened hero’s quest of Fin "Finley" Shepard (Ian Ziering), thanks to a newly remastered cinematic edition that’s loaded to the gills with never-before-seen kills, thrills, and fishy bonus footage.

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Yep, it’s really happening: On Aug. 15 and 16 only, the made-for-TV movie that launched the now-iconic 6-film Sharknado series is beaching itself on select screens in cities all across the U.S., taking over cinemas under the sized-up marquee moniker of Sharknado: 10th Anniversary Edition — a bigger, meaner, more meaty movie version of the horror-comedy catastrophe caper that spawned a thousand cheesy memes when it first premiered on SYFY back in the summer of 2013.

Watch the Sharknado: 10th Anniversary Edition trailer

Hard to believe it’s been 10 whole years since Ziering and the O.G. Sharknado gang (Tara Reid as April, John Heard as George, Cassie Scerbo as Nova, and Jaason Simmons as Baz) first stared straight into the jaws of danger, but the proof is in the viewing. Check out the all-new 10th anniversary trailer for a taste of the Sharknado cinematic celebration that’s been a decade in the making:

Even after all this time, our favorite cult-classic franchise still hasn’t jumped the shark, with original studio The Asylum teasing a no-holds-barred big-screen edition that’s been fully remastered in 4K along with hundreds of new visual effects.

For those who (somehow) missed the forecast the first time around, Sharknado escalates the time-honored tradition of B-movie horror-comedy craziness all the way into the stratosphere, spinning an epically preposterous weather tale that tracks the misadventures of bar owner Fin (Ziering) and his closest pals as a freak tornado strikes Los Angeles with “gale force winds, metric tons of water,” and — of course — thousands upon thousands of nature’s most ruthless oceangoing predators.

The sight of sharks raining (and rampaging) over the streets of L.A. went on to spawn an epically inspired small-screen movie franchise, with each outrageous new film in the series collecting a huge fan following that even extended into the acting world. Celebrities lined up to take part in all the mayhem, with each new Sharknado sequel packing cameo star power so extensive that you’ll probably need a guide (like this one!) to ensure you don’t miss a single bloody bite.

The fin-infested storm clouds are already circling for Sharknado’s 10th Anniversary date with theaters, so circle your calendars for Aug. 15 and 16 to save the fateful date. Click here to score your tickets, and stay up to date on encore airings of the original film on SYFY (including the upcoming Aug. 16 Sharknado movie marathon!) by checking the schedule here.

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