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Ian Ziering Is Now the Proud Owner of Fin Shepard's Sharknado 2 Chainsaw

Every Sharknado fan knows there's no better shark-killing weapon than a chainsaw. 

By Caitlin Busch
Ian Ziering as Fin Shepard with a chainsaw attacks a flying shark.

While the 10-year anniversary of Sharknado 2: The Second One doesn't hit 'til next year, 2024, the seminal Sharknado, which first premiered on SYFY in 2013, is currently celebrating its 10th this year.

So why, do you ask, is Sharknado 2 relevant this year? Well, when star Ian Ziering and director Anthony C. Ferrante were in attendance at San Diego Comic-Con 2023 to celebrate the first film's 10th birthday, Ziering revealed he'd recently become the proud owner of perhaps the franchise's most iconic shark-killing weapon: Fin Shepard's chainsaw, which was first introduced in Sharknado 2

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"I own that chainsaw now," Ziering proudly told SYFY WIRE when we sat down with him to celebrate all things Sharknado. "I bought it like a week ago."

"That chainsaw's 45 pounds," he said, holding his arms wide to indicate just how large it is. "To me, it's artwork. It's a working chainsaw, but I'm gonna have it mounted and put on my wall."

He laughed, adding that "it's an unbelievable movie prop!" He knows it's ridiculous, but just like the Sharknado movies themselves, that's what makes it so perfect.

Ziering also re-upped his well-documented love for Sharknado 2, which he reiterated had, in his opinion, "the best script" of them all.

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Fans will recall that in Sharknado 2, Ziering's character, Fin, first picks up his iconic chainsaw and, in one of the series' most memorable moments, launches himself at a flying shark. Rather than perish, Fin gets swallowed whole and carves his way out of the shark from the inside, resulting in one of the series' bloodier moments; shark bits flying, and Fin emerging, victorious, in order to continue killing sharks another day.

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