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SYFY WIRE Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

Shazam! punks DC fans with fake Aquaman 2 trailer for April Fool's Day

By Jacob Oller
Shazam! Zachary Levi and Jack Dylan Grazer

April Fool’s Day is the holiday where pop culture news junkies have to be at their most vigilant, and this year’s is no exception as the DCEU attempts to prank their fanbase with a sneak preview at a film that’s not even close to being out. In a backdoor promotion of the upcoming Shazam!, DC dropped a trailer that starts out promising a glimpse at Aquaman 2 — a film that’s not even written yet.

The prank would probably work better if the video wasn’t titled “SHAZAM! - In Theaters Thursday,” but this isn’t a joke here for subtlety or nuance. It’s an Eminem-scored, spray-paint wielding piece of juvenile silliness — just like the kid-superhero starring in the film.

Take a look:

Aquaman has been the butt of so many Shazam! jokes that it seems like the latter should take it easy on its DC co-star. But sorry, no king of the ocean will reign today (or in the foreseeable future). Zachary Levi’s Slurpee-drinking superhero is making sure of that. Critics love it, and the box office is anticipating big numbers: it’s Shazam’s time in the spotlight, at least until the sequel to James Wan’s surprisingly successful take on Aquaman (or its spin-off) drops some more news.

Until then, fans can catch Shazam! when it hits theaters on Apr. 5. And that's no joke.