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SYFY WIRE Pennywise

Sideshow offers up three creepy clowns with new Pennywise and Joker statues

By Jeff Spry
Sideshow Pennywise

Our insatiable appetite for creepy clowns shows no sign of abating, especially with Andy Muschietti's It: Chapter Two and Todd Phillips' Joker  both bopping into theaters this fall. To help capitalize on the crazy trend and provoking instant cases of coulrophobia worldwide, Sideshow Collectibles is corralling a trio of terrifying clown-centric offerings.

First up is the fantastically realistic Pennywise premium statue created by the talented folks at Prime 1 Studio. This 1/2-scale collectible is inspired by the 2017 feature Stephen King's It and stands nearly 4 feet tall on his custom-themed storm drain base with little Georgie's outstretched hand trying to grab his paper boat.

This type of incredible malevolent detail won't come cheap, as this spendy trinket is priced at $1,999 and is available for pre-order now with an April 2020 delivery date.

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Pennywise 2

Next up is Prime 1 Studio's frightening new The Joker statue inspired by the twisted designs of artist Lee Bermejo. Bermejo is best known for his evocative illustrations for collaborative projects with comic writer Brian Azzarello, such as their 2008 Joker graphic novel and teamup for DC's premium format series, Batman: Damned.

Here Bermejo's Clown Prince of Crime comes alive with demented glee, standing 28 inches tall and crafted with a Batman: Noel Dark Knight chained to a gargoyled corner stone base. Includes two alternate portraits, three head stands, and three more interchangeable right hands holding a pistol, a knife, and playing cards.

Available now for pre-order in a limited edition of 750 for $1,049 with an expected delivery date slated for summer of 2020.

Bermejo Joker 1

Bermejo Joker

Finally, DC Comics and Sideshow Collectibles are teaming up for this insane new The Joker Premium Format Figure. The leering lunatic stands 25” tall straddling a pogo-fist base fitted with a bizarre, baby-faced carnival game head. That gigantic purple glove is depicted smashing the Gotham courthouse seal of justice, while his handy toxic laughing gas leaks from the wreckage. A Batusi 8-track accents the control panel of the Joker's kooky contraption alongside a touching carved heart with "H+J" marking his mad love for Harley Quinn.

The Exclusive Edition of Sideshow's Joker release includes an alternate classic portrait and a swap-out right hand holding a special "He's A Jolly Good Batsy" cake for Batman. Limited to 750 pieces, it's available now for $640.

Classic Joker 2

Classic Joker 1

All joking aside, which of these three outrageous clown collectibles from Sideshow and Prime 1 strikes your funny bone best?