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Steve Austin stops a madman with missiles in Dynamite's The Six Million Dollar Man #1: Exclusive preview

By Jeff Spry
6 Million Man Hero

As children of the 1970s remember, there was no cooler action-based sci-fi show on the air than The Six Million Dollar Man, with Colonel Steve Austin's (Lee Majors) fast-running, eagle-eyed cyborg chasing down dastardly villains (including Bigfoot!) on a weekly basis.

Since 2011, Dynamite Entertainment has held the publishing license for an entertaining run of comics and crossovers based on the characters in this seminal geek show that aired on ABC from 1974-1978, including runs from Kevin Smith, Phil Hester, Alex Ross, Jonathan Lau, Jim Kuhoric, Juan Antonio Ramirez, and others. 

Now, a bold new adventure in bionic espionage breaks out with The Six Million Dollar Man #1, and SYFY WIRE is wired up with an exclusive preview including a chat with its scribe.

Six Million Man Cover A

Written by Christopher Hastings (The Unbelievable Gwenpool, I Am Groot) with art by David Hahn (Batman '66, Bombshells: United), the new series sees former astronaut Steve Austin sent on a mission to Japan, where he teams up with secret agent Niko Abe on a mission that might be his last, when his various cybernetic enhancements start to malfunction just as the KGB and a mass of merciless samurai shows up.

Sure, the government's OSI Division had the technology and the mega-cash to create the world's first living cyborg secret agent in the archaic pre-internet age, but what happens when that advanced engineering begins to break down? 

6 Million Dollar Man Slice

"In the '70s, this cyborg spy was the epitome of cool," Hastings tells SYFY WIRE. "But in 2019, his powers seem passé. Run fast? One strong arm? Take photo zoom pictures with your eyeball? Our phones can do all of that. OK, our phones can do one of those things.

"I am excited to present a time when these abilities were a big deal, and I want a character who's excited about them, too. This new Steve Austin has a real upbeat, gung-ho, early American astronaut vibe — very The Right Stuff. He cheated death, he's got cool powers, and he's loving cyborg-enhanced life. But we here in the future expect '70s tech to be faulty, and that's what's going to happen. We'll see how long Steve smiles as we rip his expensive cyborg body to much less expensive bits."

Six Million Man Page Slice

"Along the lines of preserving a bit of the wonder and mystery around this cyborg," he adds, "we're showing off our version of the Six Million Dollar Man through the point of view of another agent along for the ride, which is where we start our preview."

Check out our early look at The Six Million Dollar Man #1 in the gallery below, then prepare to be swept away in retro-chic sci-fi suspense when it arrives on March 6.