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SNK announces Neo Geo Arcade Stick Pro with 20 pre-installed fighter games

By Josh Weiss
NEOGEO Arcade Stick Pro

SNK is the latest gaming company to nourish your Nostalgia Gland with the announcement of the Neo Geo Arcade Stick Pro, and as expected, there's a big focus on the fighters.

Inspired by the classic design of the Neo Geo CD from the mid-to-late 1990s (just blown up in size), this all-in-one console comes with 20 fighting games already installed. With two gaming capabilities — Arcade Stick Mode and Console Mode — you can enjoy these titles on your PC, television, or Neo Geo mini. We don't know what the games will be just yet, but since SNK made a name for itself with fan favorites like Fatal Fury, Samurai Showdown, and The King of Fighters, you can bet that at least one — or all — of them will come aboard the Arcade Stick Pro. If you're playing on the TV, you can add Neo Geo mini PAD controllers to the mix for multi-player fun.

Check out the first images of the Arcade Stick Pro in the gallery below:

The original Neo Geo first hit the scene in 1990 with a cartridge-based console that launched two more iterations: the Neo Geo CD (1994) and the Neo Geo 64 (1997). In April of this year, SNK was said to be reviving the Neo Geo brand with two more consoles. Their plan also reportedly involved debuting two games a year beginning in 2020. However, we should note that this intel came via a Korean language news outlet, and has to yet to be corroborated by any mainstream video game news site in the U.S.

There are plans to roll out the Neo Geo Arcade Stick Pro in worldwide markets, but the initial press release stresses that things are subject to change based on country. On-sale dates and prices will most certainly be announced soon. In the meantime, sound off in the comments below if you plan on picking up one of these babies!