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SNL clones credit card commercial to parody Jordan Peele's 'Us' in hilarious sketch

By Josh Weiss
Ego Nwodim in SNL parody of Jordan Peele's Us

You know your movie has become a cultural phenomenon when SNL decides to make fun of it. That's pretty much the highest compliment you can get, right?

Just one week after its theatrical release, Jordan Peele's Us got parodied on NBC's comedy sketch show, with Ego Nwodim and Kenan Thompson taking up the roles of the characters played by Lupita Nyong'o and Winston Duke in the horror film, which wasn't the only thing being utilized for hilarious ends.

The sketch was almost poking fun at Discover's credit card ads that assure customers that if they need to call up a hotline representative, the experience will be just as helpful if they were calling themselves for help. If you think about it, those commercials are the perfect vehicle with which to parody Us. James Corden used the late-night talk show format as a similar vehicle.

Watch it below:

Nwodim's call to the customer service rep in order to report strange charges on her card doesn't go so well when the person on the other end is a raspy-voiced clone of herself. Indeed, her impression of Nyong'o's dual performance in the feature film is actually quite remarkable.

As it so happens, it was the clone who's been racking up bizarre purchases like hundreds of rabbits, red jumpsuits, motorcycle gloves, and large pairs of scissors, all of which are recurring imagery that crop up again and again in Peele's movie.

When Nwodim gets nowhere with her doppelgänger, her husband (Thompson) takes the phone, only to get put in touch with his own double, who, like Duke's copy in the movie, has a long beard and can only speak in primal, angry grunts.

Kenan Thompson Us parody on SNL

All the while, the sketch plays the creepy remix of Luniz's "I Got on It," which factored heavily into both the trailers for the movie and the finished movie itself.

In box-office news, Us added another $33 million to its domestic haul during its second weekend in theaters. That's a noticeable 53% drop after its $70 million debut last week.