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Need, speed, and greed: Snowpiercer debuts first bloody trailer at SDCC

By Jacob Oller
Snowpiercer TBS

TBS' Snowpiercer adaptation, which has already been renewed for a second season ahead of its premiere, certainly has the support of its network. And, after attending its first San Diego Comic-Con panel, it's not hard to see why. The post-apocalyptic, trainbound piece of sci-fi televises Bong Joon-ho's cinematic tale of a frozen Earth and those cursed to navigate its rails. Along for the class-divided ride are Jennifer Connelly, Daveed Diggs, Alison Wright, Mickey Sumner, Susan Park, and more - all helmed by Orphan Black alum Graeme Manson.

Manson, along with stars Connelly, Diggs, Wright, Sumner, Lena Hall, and Steven Ogg, spoke at the panel SYFY WIRE attended and clued fans in about the series through its first ever trailer. The trailer was a bloody ride featuring a mutiny, a shattered frozen arm, a big lizard, and lots of class warfare - plus Connelly's voice of the train explained that Snowpiercer is a place run by "need, speed, and greed." Incredible.

Take a look:

The trailer did its job: the show, despite its production bumps, seems to be back on track. The effects are in place and show a decent amount of the train's exterior, blistering through the tundra, but the production design is the real hero here, making the show look a lot like the fan-favorite film. With very few guns on board, all the fighting is brutal melee warfare, with at least one axe making its way into the fray. What's tricky is that there's a mysterious Wizard of Oz-esque man-behind-the-curtain running the train...or is there? Once Diggs' character finds out, as the trailer explains, there's no going back.

We also saw another clip from episode two, involving an avalanche and some flash-frozen cows. The train is totally rocked, with everything rattling hardcore and the snow blowing out windows to remind fans that the environment is truly the most dangerous part of the show. Did we say how great this CGI looks?

We also learned some new insights about the characters onboard the train/metaphor. Diggs' Andre Layton is a revolutionary leader in the vein of Chris Evans' film hero, but with a new bent: he's the world's only surviving homicide detective. So, when a murder takes place further up the train (and higher up in the social pecking order), Diggs leaves the tail for one last case.

His partner is Bess Till (Sumner), while Hall seems to no longer be playing an archivist, but instead the madame of the "Nightcar," a cabaret and brothel. Yep, there will be musical numbers. Wright's character has also been adjusted from its initial report, as she's now the right hand of Connelly's powerful Head of Hospitality. She goes after an accent similar to that of Tilda Swinton in the film because, as much as there are differences, the show constantly seems to be paying its respects to its cinematic equivalent.

Snowpiercer is headed for the station in the spring of 2020.

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