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Solar Opposites Season 2 is nuts, but its creators promise it will get even weirder

By Josh Weiss
Solar Opposites Season 2

The Solar Opposites are coming back to Hulu! Less than a year after they first made contact with the Disney-owned streaming service, Earth's favorite Shlorpians (Korvo, Terry, Jesse Yumyulack, and the Pupa) will enjoy a second season of sci-fi adventures later this week. While we won't venture into specifics ahead of Friday's premiere, we will tell you that the next eight episodes are balls-to-the-wall crazy. And that's not hyperbole, folks. This is some of the most creative, hilarious, and messed-up television you'll ever behold.

After firmly establishing an over-the-top world filled with quirky characters, co-creators Mike McMahan and Justin Roiland (also the voice of mission leader Korvo) allowed themselves more freedom in the series' second outing. For example, Season 2 features genetically-engineered monsters that eat people and then poop them out as bottles of artisanal wine. That bit was already teased in the trailer from late February, so just imagine what they haven't revealed yet.

"[With the] first season, we had been learning about the show while making it," McMahan tells SYFY WIRE. "We knew we were doing the Wall stuff, we were learning about the characters, we were learning about how the voice actors are playing the characters. [When it came to] Season 2, we went into it and we're like, 'OK, we've done eight episodes. Now let's figure out what we can do narratively with this show. Let's amp everything up. Let's just go crazy. Let's keep the Wall going, but do a whole new style of story.'"

Ah yes, the Wall. How could we forget the tiny civilization of shrunken-down humans that exists within the confines of Jesse (Mary Mack) and Yumyulack's (Sean Giambrone) bedroom? When we spoke with McMahan last year, he likened the parallel narrative to War of the Roses as Tim (Andy Daly) and Cherie (Christina Hendricks) led an epic revolution against the demagogic Duke (Alfred Molina). The uprising was successful, but came at the cost of Tim's morality; he ended up stabbing Cherie, his own lover, in an effort to maintain the ignorant bliss of the Wall's citizens. In Season 2, we'll learn what that minuscule society looks like in the aftermath of the conflict through a fresh genre lens.

"The Wall is kind of like The Wire, where there was always a different flavor every season," McMahan adds. "[We wanted to continue] building out the story of the Wall and we continue to do that in Season 3 into a whole new direction and a really cool way. And for the Solar Opposite side of the story, for the Solars, [we never wanted to] constrained to what we thought the show was supposed to be. The Solars are so funny and big — what are stories that can get big and crazy that can only be in this show?"

"I think it just happened naturally," Roiland says when we ask if it was always the plan to dial up the insanity the second time around. "Just the escalation of who these characters are and the comfort we have with them and the crazy s*** we wanna do. And how that's all sort of ok in this show. As a viewer, you can buy into it all."

Solar Opposites Season 2

And if you think Season 2 is bananas, then just brace yourself for Season 3, which McMahan alluded to above (the series was renewed for a third outing last June and the production crew is ready to tackle a fourth, should that become a reality). In addition, SYFY WIRE can exclusively confirm that the third season will have a longer episode count than its two predecessors.

"I think we're still pushing the boundaries, too, going into Season 3. Like holy s***," Roiland says. "There's some stuff in Season 3 that's really f***ing insane."

"You guys [presumably other media outlets] are all like, 'Wow, Season 2 is crazy.' And we're both like, 'Ooo, well Season 3 is super f***ing insane,'" McMahan adds. "And Season 3 is longer. It's like 12 episodes. We got even weirder."

Solar Opposites returns to Hulu this coming Friday (March 26). Be sure to check back in with SYFY WIRE on the same day for Roiland and McMahan's spoiler-heavy breakdown of the new season's biggest WTF moments.