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Sony schedules secretive Marvel movie for 2021. Will Spidey get a new villain?

By Jacob Oller

Sony's on-screen collaborations with Marvel have been both in the MCU (like its Spider-Man films) and using Marvel Comics characters to which it owns the rights in their new slate of Sony-verse movies, like Morbius and Venom. Now, with Morbius and a Venom sequel on their way, Sony has slated a mysterious new film for next fall, and it looks like it will continue the company's comic-based trend.

The newly scheduled movie will arrive in theaters on Oct. 8, 2021, and will be a Marvel/Sony collaboration, SYFY WIRE has learned. The "Untitled Sony/Marvel" movie is slotted for about a year after Venom 2 is released. Here's the coming superhero lineup, this film included, for more context:

So whom will the movie be about? It's not the Venom sequel, as the Andy Serkis-helmed film comes out on Oct. 2 of this year. We're hedging that chances are slim that Morbius — the blood-sucking Jared Leto vehicle which is set to arrive on July 31 — has already been given the thumbs-up for a follow-up. In fact, both films would have needed to be shot back to back to even make that timeline work out. There's also already a new Spider-Man film slated for July 16, 2021.

So all evidence points to this film being about a new-to-screen character.

Does that mean Kraven the Hunter is getting his big debut? Spider-Woman? Will they skip a few members and go straight to The Sinister Six? Or is it another Spidey villain who will likely make a cameo in either Morbius or Venom 2?

Sony's mystery Marvel movie answers all these questions when it hits theaters on Oct. 8, 2021.