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SYFY WIRE PlayStation 5

Sony finally reveals first look at its futuristic, next-gen Playstation 5

By Benjamin Bullard
PlayStation 5

Going into today's PlayStation 5 event, everyone expected the games. From a new Horizon title to Resident Evil, Spider-Man (with Miles Morales!), and much more, Sony spent more than an hour unleashing a cavalcade of rapid-fire software teases. But no one knew whether players would get their first glimpse of Sony's much-buzzed, warp-speed hardware — that is, until the very end.

At last, though, the mystery surrounding how the PS5 will look as the device that'll be gracing living rooms everywhere is no more: Sony finally shared its first look at its sleek new hardware, and it's a futuristic departure from anything that's come before.

Welcome, gamers, to your life's newest time sink:

PlayStation 5

Revealed side by side in near-identical-looking housings (there's a slight flange on the standard model to accommodate a disc drive), Sony teased both a "Digital" and standard edition for the PS5, leaving aside the finer points of how the two devices differ. If previous efforts from Microsoft are anything to go by, players appear to be faced with the option of forgoing a Blu-ray disc drive on the Digital model.

Both models were shown with an accompanying HD camera, and Sony continued to tease all the tech horsepower it's been touting for a while now: ray tracing, haptic DualSense controller feedback, 4K support on the Blu-ray standard edition, a warp-speed SSD drive that bests the PS4's loading times by an order of magnitude, and much more. There's no early word on whether the PS5 will be offered in colors other than white — not that we're complaining in the slightest.

Alas, we're also still in the dark on a couple of points that'll definitely matter once we're home and ready to unbox our shiny new PS5s. Can those curvaceous lines lie down horizontally in an entertainment center, or will we be limited to a tower-only vertical form? (UPDATE: Via IGN, it appears we'll indeed have a choice; as followup photos suggest the PS5 can get sideways, with the Blu-ray drive facing down.) And we still don't know how much all this gaming goodness is gonna set us back. While Sony definitely ended things on a super-high note, there was no mention of the PS5's retail price, nor on a specific release date. Look for the Sony's new console to arrive on store shelves sometime this holiday season.