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SYFY WIRE Space Force

Space Force action figures creators lay out the crazy fun, U.S. vs. Russia toy space race

By Adam Pockross
Vladimir Putin Space Force Figures

When we found out about the United States Space Force Action Figures Kickstarter last week, we knew we needed to do some further high-level reconnaissance into what precisely this now-funded mission involves. So we reached out to AmazoToys, the patriots responsible for these ... amazing toys, to pop back the lid on the proverbial command module.

Proposed by President Trump, the Space Force has been met with its share of derision, so it would seem a bit of a risky proposition to base a toy line upon the new military branch — certainly too risky for anything corporate. But as Amazo’s Chris Gawrych tells SYFY WIRE, the goal of the USSFA line isn’t to stoke those political fires, but to help put out such flames.

United States Space Force Action Figures

“With all the political tension out there today, we thought it would be good to show how both political parties could work together toward a common goal, and why not send them to space along the way!” Gawrych says.

To really illustrate that common, soaring goal, they even created a little comic to go at the top of the Kickstarter page, a la G.I. Joe’s Marvel run (all praise Larry Hama). “We have a short comic strip on our Kickstarter that told the story of Obama and Trump working together on a mission to Mars to defeat the Russians,” Gawrych says. “We made them commanders to lead each team on this mission, both Space Force Blue and Space Force Red. So although they are leading different teams they have the same mission.”

Space Force Figures comic

Namely, to stave off the threat from Commander Putin’s Russian Space Agency, and "come together with one common goal: beat the Russians to Mars!"

To create the casted crew to perform such lofty Martian tasks, Amazo relied on innovation from around the world, in the spirit of unity, of course.

Russian Space Agency Space Force Figures

“We love action figures, so this seemed like a fun platform to send this message of unification and bipartisanship [around], while also making it fun. We had friends who helped us navigate the challenges of overseas production, so that was a huge help,” Gawrych says.

And the proof is in the pudding (or perhaps in the space ice cream), as you can see from the hand-painted protypes pictured here (the actual toys will look a little different), showing off each 4” figure, sporting some 14 points of articulation, multiple accessories, and interchangeable heads — like the Ghost of Ronald Reagan, Coco the Space Monkey, and Albert Einstein.

Space Force Figures Blue and Red

Alas, all the spaced-out heads Amazo has dreamed up won’t be available just yet.

“Well we didn't make all our stretch goals, but we really want to get to more Presidents’ heads like Bush, Kennedy, or Nixon. We’re looking at ways to still make that happen,” Gawrych says. “If folks want join Space Force they can find the pre-order store link off the main Kickstarter page. If we can sell more pre-orders that will help us raise the funds to do more heads and continue the line!”

Check out how you can join the Space Force at AmazoToys’ Kickstarter here.