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SYFY WIRE Star Trek: Picard

Star Trek: Picard's Isa Briones didn't know about her dual role until final audition

By Jacob Oller
Isa Briones in Star Trek Picard

The new bounty of Star Trek shows kicked off by CBS All Access' Discovery has resulted in plenty to love for Trekkies, but perhaps nothing as satisfying as the return of Patrick Stewart's Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the USS Enterprise, over at his own show: Star Trek: Picard.

Two of its breakout stars, Isa Briones (Data's twin android "daughters" Dahj and Soji) and Evan Evagora (Romulan refugee Elnor), spoke at their C2E2 2020 panel about the first season of the nostalgia-drenched show, and what's coming down the pike for the second season (which had been renewed ahead of S1's premiere).

While previously speaking with SYFY WIRE, Evagora compared his hot-headed Romulan to a moody teenager. "But every time he snaps, he has the potential to kill someone," the actor said. "That's how I played him. What if a moody teenager could just do whatever he wants whenever he flips out?"

So what's next for Elnor? "Wait and see," the actor vaguely teased during today's panel, attended by SYFY WIRE. "And don't be worried."

That soothing statement is meant to stifle fears from the action-packed events of the latest episode... but it wasn't all doom and gloom. Evagora explained that his new role as comic relief won't slow down anytime soon — especially since he's been binging BoJack Horseman in his spare time.

And that's when he's not catching up on Picard, which he and Briones are now watching at the same time it drops for the general public. Speaking of the recent episode, Briones' character just got a big episode. With Dahj destroyed, Briones' role is now solely as Soji, whose work with the Borg has been central to the plot recently. "I didn't know I was playing two people until my final audition," Briones said, laughing at the late-coming spoiler. She also said she didn't know Data was her "father" until she read it in the script, putting two and two together.

Keeping things parental, Evagora chimed in that he spoiled that Star Trek: Voyager Borg favorite, Seven of Nine, was making an appearance in Picard... to his mom. A big TNG fan, Evagora claimed that he was a member of various Trek fan pages — just under different names. The actors are both true fans, making their own Picard GIFs for their personal meme war with each other.

Continuing the theme for all its Star Trek speakers on the day, the actors spoke about the diversity of the franchise — particularly in Picard. "Everyone gets to keep their own accent in the show," Briones said, highlighting the vast representation that's expected (and no big deal) in the futuristic setting.

Picard's seventh episode airs on CBS All Access on Mar. 5.

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