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SYFY WIRE Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

Meet the crew of 'Star Trek: Strange New Worlds' including Captain Pike's Scotty, the Aenar Hemmer

Anything you can do, an Aenar can do better. 

By Vanessa Armstrong
ST Strange New Worlds_CBS all access

Strange New Worlds, the Star Trek show focused on Captain Pike (Anson Mount) and his U.S.S. Enterprise crew, is set to premiere in a few weeks. To get us ready for the grand occasion, Paramount+ is getting us up to speed on the show’s new characters.

One of the new crew members is the Enterprise’s pre-Scotty engineer, Hemmer (Bruce Horak), an Aenar who appears to be a very cool, very confident genius. Hemmer is also blind, like all Aenar. His other senses, as this 30-second clip makes clear, more than make up for his lack of sight. 

Check out his suave style in the clip below:

You may also have noticed that Hemmer looks similar to an Andorian. If you did, you’re not wrong — Aenar are an Andorian sub-species who live in the Andorian arctic. We first came across the species in Star Trek: Enterprise, where Captain Archer (Scott Bakula) “discovers” them and finds out that they have telepathic abilities.

Until we met Hemmer, we didn’t know for sure whether the Aenar joined the Federation. Given that Hemmer is Pike’s Starfleet engineer, however, it seems like a safe bet that they’re officially part of the interplanetary organization. 

Hemmer is just one member of Pike’s Enterprise crew. We already know Spock (Ethan Peck) and Pike’s Number One (Rebecca Romijn), who will also star in Strange New Worlds along with a young Uhura (Celia Rose Gooding). Other new crew members — Chief of Security Lieutenant La’An  (Christina Chong), who has a familiar surname, Noonien-Singh, and Lieutenant Ortegas (Melissa Navia) — also have gotten their own 30-second introductions, which you can check out below.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds premieres on Paramount+ on May 5.