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SYFY WIRE Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge

Dok-Ondar, Star Wars' favorite black market trader, setting up shop in Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge

By Vanessa Armstrong

The first part of the Oculus Quest game, Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge, came out last November, letting Star Wars fans visit the planet of Batuu without leaving the comfort (and safety) of their own living rooms.

In the initial installment of the game, where fans play a droid repair technician who crash lands on Batuu after a pirate attack, players can throw darts at Seezelslak’s Cantina, blast bad guys in the wilds surrounding Black Spire Outpost, or even travel back to The High Republic and pretend to be Ady Sun’Zee, a Jedi who got to hang with Yoda.

While there are already many fun things to do in Part I of the VR game, director Jose Perez III shared back in November that a Part II would be coming in 2021. Well, it’s now 2021, and — on the heels of Oculus announcing another Star Wars VR game, Star Wars Pinball — Lucasfilm’s ILMxLAB has revealed some concept art of a new character entering the Oculus Quest world of Black Spire.

That new character is none other than Dok-Ondar, the notorious black market dealer who runs the Den of Antiquities in Disneyland’s and Walt Disney World’s Black Spire Outpost. If you need a refresher on what Dok looks like, take a closer look at the image above, which shows ILMxLAB's concept art for the character. 

“Dok-Ondar is as legendary as the antiquities he has collected from across the galaxy,” Scott Trowbridge, Walt Disney Imagineering Portfolio Creative Executive, said in a statement. “From the first time we heard about him in Solo: A Star Wars Story, we knew that there was something mysterious about this infamous Ithorian. And although we’ve been able to learn more about him in the comics or even visit him in person at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, I’m thrilled that fans can now further connect and step even deeper inside his hidden past in Part II of Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge.”

What hidden past could Dok-Ondar have? The possibilities are intriguing, in part because we know so little about him so far. Granted, he did get a name-drop in Solo, and millions have visited his store in the Disney theme parks, but one of the things Perez mentioned back in November was how the VR game can delve deeper into some of Galaxy’s Edge's characters.

“At ILMxLAB we are having a blast exploring more of [Dok-Ondar’s] story and building on the lore for one of Black Spire Outpost's most memorable characters,” Perez said in today's release. “Being next to Dok-Ondar in virtual reality for the first time is truly a magical moment and we can’t wait for fans to experience it.”

Part II of Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge is set to come out on the Oculus Quest platform in late 2021.