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SYFY WIRE Star Wars: The High Republic

Star Wars: The High Republic reveals Wave 3 schedule at Comic-Con@Home

By Brian Silliman
The Republic Fair Poster SDCC

Phase 1 of the major book and comic initiative called Star Wars: The High Republic continues to speed along, and the luminous creators behind it all held a panel as part of San Diego Comic-Con@Home 2021 to let fans know what the next wave will include, as well as when it will be released. 

Set hundreds of years before the Skywalker Saga, the High Republic stories have included two waves thus far, with interconnected stories taking place in both books and comics. The writing team that consists of Claudia Gray, Daniel José Older, Cavan Scott, Justina Ireland, and Charles Soule is not even close to being done, and they revealed their plans for Wave 3 of Phase 1 during the panel. 

Moderated by Krystina Arielle, it was a lively gathering. That happens almost every time these five authors get together. 

Watch the full panel right here.

Following the events of the Republic Fair in Wave 2 (not everyone had a good time), the Jedi and the Republic continue to be overwhelmed by the ruthless Nihil, as well as the carnivorous dark side plant monsters, the Drengir. Heartbreak came to many readers who follow the adventures of the initiative's gallant new array of Jedi, and the authors are winding up for another savage salvo. 

Everything will kick off once more in January of 2022. Older will have a YA novel coming titled Midnight Horizon (Disney Lucasfilm Press), and Ireland will then add to the wave with a middle grade novel titled Mission to Disaster (Disney Lucasfilm Press). Gray will then end the third wave (and Phase 1) with an adult novel titled The Fallen Star (Del Rey).

Star Wars The High Republic Wave 3 SDCC

 In terms of comics, Soule will be writing two 30-page issues for Marvel Comics called The Eye of the Storm. They will tell the backstory of the Nihil leader (and all-around scumbag) Marchion Ro. Scott's run on the High Republic Marvel title will continue, and he teased audiences by saying, "A Jedi joins the Storm." This means that a Jedi will join the Nihil, and that's going to be bad for everyone. 

He's also working on the IDW comic title The Monster of Temple Peak which will feature the character of Ty Yorrick before the events of The Rising Storm. Older will add to the comics roster with the Marvel title Trail of Shadows, which will, as he said, put Star Wars "deeper into the noir." Older also assured readers that they haven't seen the last of Ram Jomaram from Race to Crashpoint Tower

The Republic Fair Poster SDCC

For fans of The High Republic, January 2022 cannot come soon enough, but not so fast! Wave 2 isn't finished yet. Out of the Shadows by Justina Ireland will release on July 27th, and it will introduce readers to the perpetually down-on-her-luck Sylvestri Yarrow.

For those who have yet to jump in on the action, there is a treasure hoard of Star Wars storytelling beckoning you to adventure. For light and life... we are all the Republic. 

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